Holiday Gift Giving Takes On A Whole New Meaning in 2021 And Not Even Amazon Can Save Us From The Wicked Supply Chain

Hello Lovelies! It’s November and I am stressing about buying Christmas gifts. With all this talk of Supply Chain problems, I’m worried I won’t get gifts ordered in time. And buying directly from stores, I’ve looked but nothing is stirring my soul enough to buy it and gift it! So the panic attacks are kicking in peeps!

At this point I’m considering sponsoring a cruise ship to take a bunch of us out to those Cargo Ships stuck out at sea so we can shop directly. Can you imagine a cruise like that? Bottomless margaritas, Tropical music, warm weather and cool breezes and shopping??????? Girls, we can do this!

But seriously, I am kinda freaking out. Do we just give out money and gift cards this year? Amazon, you got any ideas? And is everyone just tired of all the “BS”? If it’s not employee shortages then it’s supply chain problems. Whose in charge of the planet right now? (Not meant to be a political question).

Things not to comment back to me on this:

  1. Let’s make our own gifts to give!
  2. It could be worse.
  3. Be thankful for the supply chain problems! It means we are doing well in our economy!
  4. The holidays are too commercialized anyway.
  5. It’s not about the gifts.

I guess the bright side to all of this is we still have coffee. The Liquor Stores still have booze and life goes on. And while a lot of folks are online making assess of themselves, some of us are just trying to get through everything being thrown at us unexpectedly. Two stores didn’t have toilet paper last night. That was unexpected. Finally a third store had the 1-ply kind. #grateful How much more of this are we looking at?

Anyway, enough of the ranting. Tell me what you’re watching on Netflix!

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10 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Giving Takes On A Whole New Meaning in 2021 And Not Even Amazon Can Save Us From The Wicked Supply Chain

  1. You think YOU have problems. Our local Aldi has been out of Belgium chocolates for almost a month now and hubby and I are going insane!!!! We actually had to go to another grocery store and buy American chocolate (gag me with a spoon) today because we were going through withdrawal.
    Anyway, we stopped exchanging Christmas gifts years ago. Only the grandkids get gifts now with a $25 per child cap. I think gift cards would be in order should we be giving out gifts. I love them! I’d welcome them. especially a Dunkin’ Donuts card. They’re da bomb .

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      1. The closest one to us is in the next state. Too far away. Aldi’s has the most perfect 85% dark chocolate from Belgium that my husband loves. Plus it’s medicinal. For me, if it doesn’t have almonds, it’s not medicinal. LOL. We go almost every day to see if the stock is in yet. It’s not. We broken down today and bought Ghirardelli. If we knew one of those cargo ships had our Aldi chocolate, hubby and I would don our pirate suits and go get them. Aarrrrh!! Thanks for making me smile today….as you always do…..

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  2. First I am not a fan of cruises but I am a huge fan of margaritas! I also think gift cards and Amazon cards are totally acceptable! Especially now that my kids are teenagers, they probably prefer it! However, this year I did get a jump on things because deliveries are so slow and most of our product is still floating around in the ocean! But nothing beats a handmade gift!! 🎁 Something that comes from the heart and that lesson will never die out or go out of style!

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