Remembering Our Generation X Culture as The Forgotten Generation and How We Are Rocking Our Lives Over Every Other Generation

We are Gen X. The generation between the Boomers and the Millennials. We haven’t gotten much recognition until recently, hence we were nicknamed ‘The Forgotten Generation’. We are born between 1965 and 1980 and we also go by “Latchkey Kids”. But if you are an X’er like me, you had a great childhood and witnessed so much history as well as danced to the best music ever made.

Generation X was named after a couple of books of the same name. Even Billy Idol’s first band was named Generation X! (If you don’t know who Billy Idol is, google it.) Some other references to our generation are MTV Generation, Slackers, Middle Child Generation, Baby Busters and Post Boomers. But I don’t think we really cared what we were called as long as we were called home by the light of the streetlamps for dinner.

We were the last generation to have used rotary phones connected to a wall. We are pre-computers, cell phones, streaming services, remote controls, video games etc. So, imagine how we felt as each of the above become available to us? We were the remote controls in our homes, and it felt great not to have to get up and change channels for mom and dad! And when computers came out, we loved those floppy disks. lol Video games and music videos were a huge part of our growing up years too. MTV was all about the music with video to tell the story. Not like it is today. First MTV video was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by the Buggles, and you can hear it in your closest grocery store or gas station as “easy listening” now.

Social media was HUGE for our generation. We were ready to learn how to use it, unlike our Boomer parents and older siblings. Gen Xer’s were a big influence in the dot com startups.

The 70’s was a time of moms joining the workforce leaving us home alone. But we had our own house key thus leaving us known as Latchkey Kids. We remember lots of talk about the end of the Vietnam War and Watergate. Divorce rates were high, but we coped with single parent homes as we were always left to our own devices anyway. We also were the first generation after Jim Crow laws and remember a lot of the Civil Rights Movement moments. Then in the 80’s we learned about Crack, AIDS, Drugs (this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, any questions?). And remember all those after school specials? OMG!

College enrollment boomed because of us, and we Preppies grew up to be Yuppies. In 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall was extremely monumental. and the cold war began to thaw. We also remember Apartheid in South Africa and then we immediately think about the song, ‘We Are The World’.

Music was very much inspired by our generation. Genres like Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hip Hop, Punk, New Wave, Indie Pop, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Yes, some of the bands were actually Boomers but more like Rebel Boomers who really understood our generation and teenage angst. Dancing was a big deal and we all watched American Band Stand and Soul Train. I miss those shows!

Then there were those iconic movies. The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Star Wars, The Exorcists, Halloween, St. Elmo’s Fire, Weekend at Bernie’s, Pretty in Pink, Lost Boys and The Outsiders to name just a few. And with those movies The Brat Pack was born and included: Anthony Michael Hall, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy. What movies and music do you remember most?

Let’s bring it back to 9/11. Did you know that a big percentage of First Responders were Gen Exer’s? Even the Flight 93 passengers who attacked the terrorists were also Gen Xer’s. This moment in history created a newly passionate patriotism in our generation as well as turned us on to more charity towards others. Remember that?

There were a few polls done recently about how Generation X was doing in midlife. We seem to be happy, productive and we didn’t become helicopter parents. Our parenting style was more, we will hang back but if something big happens, you’re gonna hear X parents louder than ever.

What are some of your growing up memories? How accurate to you think our generation has been portrayed over the years? And lastly, do you still listen to the good music and watch those 80’s movies?

Peace Love and Margaritas!

8 thoughts on “Remembering Our Generation X Culture as The Forgotten Generation and How We Are Rocking Our Lives Over Every Other Generation

  1. Missy this made my day. Yes yes and yes to the whole article. Those were the good ol days of getting to watch the new release of the MTV video of the week. I agree I think we had a great childhood and we learned how to be resilient riding our bikes through the neighborhood til dark when we were called home. Cheers

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  2. Great post! Have you seen the documentary “the 80s?” It’s really good. I think our kids really missed out not having a John Hughes of their generation (Breakfast Club, etc) Instead they were stuck with post-apocalyptic movies. No wonder their generation has so much depression. It’s hard to explain GenX to the younger generations. They always want to equate us with Boomers. LOL. You forgot to mention that we NEVER received participation trophies either. You either won or lost. And participating was just part of the game. We were also faced with the threat of nuclear war. But we approached it very differently than how threats are faced today. It didn’t haunt us, it just “was.” My husband and I were just talking about how MTV should have retro weekends where they rebroadcast the original MTV with ONLY MUSIC. Ahh, the good old days. I got a turntable for Xmas and Ic an’t wait to break out my 80s albums to torture my kids!

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  3. I’m not a Gen-Xer — but I am a “xennial.” We’re that micro generation stuck between Gen X and Millennials. We had the best of both worlds. I had a rotary phone when I was little and played outside until the street lights came on. I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, preppies, and yuppies. But we had AOL before I was out of middle school, beepers in high school, and cell phones right after graduation. Though I’m a solely a millennial when it comes to technology, everything else about me is a total latch key kid. I love my 80s movies — and there will never be a band as great as GNR!

    Thanks for the memories!! ❤

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