A 30-Day Challenge to Detox the Negative Vibes from Your Life So You Can Love Your Life Again.

I asked a group once if any of them could say they actually LOVED their life right now. Not one person could do it. So, I came up with a plan to detox the bad juju and reset our mindset to live a fuller, happier and more intentional life. AND it’s super easy to do! Although the first couple of days may be a little bit difficult.

Are you ready? Want to do this challenge with me? Just let me know in the comments if you are and we will ride this challenge together! We all could use a little sanity right now and I have the perfect formula in this challenge! So, let’s roll!

  1. Turn off the news. You can do this for 30 days. If you need to know if the Queen passes away suddenly, have a friend text you the news. But to truly shift the vibes, we have to turn off the news. You can however watch a funny comedy, binge a Netflix murder mystery etc., just nothing to heavy.
  2. Get a journal ready. We are going to journal each day. It can be a whole page or just a few words. Try to date your entry, how you are feeling at the moment and what you hope to gain etc.,
  3. Spend time each morning doing a little mediation, pray, make your to-do list or notes, but just spend time alone in your thoughts for at least 5 minutes.
  4. What if we add in a daily stretch routine or a 5-minute yoga session?
  5. Music. Create a play list of your favorites. Start with the number one song the day you were born. Then when you turned 16, 21, favorites from college etc. Talk about a fun time!
  6. Day 6 let’s plan a friend’s night out. Whether it be a dinner out or wine and snacks at home! Good friends, drinks, snacks and lots of laughs is good for the soul!
  7. Pick 5 people you know could use a sweet note in the mail and send them out!
  8. Clean out your fridge and pantry. Start a food list of healthy foods you love and stock up.
  9. Today let’s have breakfast or lunch out. Go through the drive-thru and pay for the person behind you.
  10. Go to a local park or outdoor eatery and people watch. Take your pet if possible!
  11. Surprise a friend or relative you haven’t seen in a while and take them a cupcake!
  12. If it’s clear out on night 12, sit outside and look up at the stars. You might catch a shooting star or find the big and little dippers.
  13. Get a massage or mani/pedi with your spouse or friend.
  14. Take a long hot bath and read a book. Throw in some Mr. Bubble. 🙂
  15. Take a nap today.
  16. Learn something new. A free webinar or masters class etc.
  17. Craft! Make a wreath for the door or for a friend. Take a craft class at your local craft store!
  18. Volunteer at your local animal or rescue shelter. Maybe make this a once-a-month thing?
  19. Today let’s start taking one room at a time and purging!
  20. Make cookies and deliver to your local retirement home.
  21. Visit a petting farm or do goat yoga. Nothing makes me happier than baby goats!
  22. Go through old family/friend’s photo albums. Another memory lane stroll.
  23. Spend less time on social media. Start making this a must.
  24. Start distancing yourself from negative and narcissistic people. This is another hard one, but you will feel so much better in the long run. I promise!
  25. If it’s sunny outside, go out and sit in the sunshine for about 10 minutes. Get that vitamin D.
  26. Get in the habit of drinking water every day. Add flavoring if that helps.
  27. Get a coloring book and crayons, a new puzzle, pottery or paint class with friends.
  28. Start a garden, or just plant some things in a big pot and see how long you can keep it alive!
  29. Make a list of what you are leaning about yourself in this challenge.
  30. This is the last day of the challenge. Use today to reflect on the positives of being intentional, trying new things and being with friends as well as some alone time.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge! Share with friends who could use the challenge in their life. Would love for you to let me know in the comments what you learned about YOU and what you will continue to do daily. Thanks for doing this with me!

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

6 thoughts on “A 30-Day Challenge to Detox the Negative Vibes from Your Life So You Can Love Your Life Again.

  1. eons ago (literally. I am so old that my teen years are a blur) I told my grandmother that I refused to watch the news. She was horrified “But how will you know what’s going on in the world?” I tried telling her that, if something newsworthy happened, someone (my parents, perhaps?) would let me know. She told me, in no uncertain words, that I was an idiot. I still believe that refusing to watch the “what’s bad and sad” (or, as they call it, “news”) kept me mostly sane. Thanks for the tips – love and strength flowing your way!

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  2. Just have to say that I expect to be doing most if not all of these things over the next several months as I establish myself in my new home. Maybe I’ll check back at the end of the year to see how many I got to, but I doubt it! By then I hope to already be loving my (new and improved) life anyway!

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