Crazy Controversies, Conspiracy Theories, Alien Scandal Stories and Peanut Butter Shortages. The End is Near, I Fear So Make It Make Sense.

Recently my Facebook Meme Page is being overrun with absolute nutjobs and trolls who do not understand humor and sarcasm. For that reason, I want to be perfectly clear, that this post is not about any political party or president. It is about conspiracy theories and possible other-worldly incidents. There are things happening in our world that I do not understand, and I need someone to make it make sense. So, if you are a scholar, ghost-hunter, conspiracy theorist, ufologist, or even just an educated guesser, please help me figure these oddities out! (Please do not say it’s Biden’s fault or Trump’s fault. I believe there are other forces at play here.) This is not about politics.

I think, for me, it started with the Peanut Butter shortage. I get there was a recall on my favorite Jiff brand, and it was literally months before we got it back on the shelves. But I question this. First of all, we had 2 large jars of said “contaminated” peanut butter. We used both up and never got sick. In fact, I don’t know anyone who did. But in reality, we have had shortages before so please make it make sense. Not only did we lose the Jiff, but other brands were missing off the shelf also. Why? Was it a test of endurance? Now all of a sudden, it’s all back? Mmmmm.

So recently I had a midlife crisis and bought a new vehicle. Not your typical mom van or granny car either. But the reason I bring it up is because I noticed (and have noticed for a few years now) there are no new cars on the lots out there for sale. Maybe a few here and there and the used lots are filled with overpriced used cars. I googled it to death and all I can really find is something about car computer chips for new cars are in a shortage. But if you pre-order a newer car, it will come to the lot with said car chip. Make that make sense. Did Bill Gates buy them all up like he’s doing with farmland all over the US? Why the shortage on the chips!!!!!!!! Is it so we will all want to go ahead and buy the electric cars and they (the car Gods) can get rid of gas powered? I mean I want a Tesla too but damn; they are pricey!

And let’s go back to Gates buying all this farmland. It’s like he and China are in a race. I like my food y’all, but I am pretty hesitant to eat genetically created meat and vegies. So, what’s up with that?

Finally, what’s up with all the UFO sightings. We all know they are out there. But now the Government has put it out there that very reputable military pilots have seen and documented UFO’s so now you won’t be considered crazy when you say you saw a UFO. Have you seen the History Channel show, “Skinwalker Ranch”? I mean it’s a real deal!

Are we going through testing as humans to see how we react to global disasters? Do aliens walk among us? Or are we all crazy? Maybe this is a Russia/China thing? Make it make sense for me.

So as long as there are no alcoholic drink shortages, I think we will be ok. But I am building a bunker and hoarding booze as we speak. And Jiff peanut butter. Please enjoy this funny video and let me know your thoughts on this well-written and scholarly blog post in the comments. 🙂

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