Sisterhood of the Traveling Nail Polish

Obviously we need to shop for new shoes…


You never know where life will take you. But having a few great girlfriends on life’s journey with you is such a blessing. I have several ‘girl squads’ that I love but my Pedicure Sisters have been with me for a very long time.

Many years ago there was a group of us that decided we should do something more than just a girls night out. So we started doing ‘Pedi’ nights. Our friendships have really grown tighter over the years and we have gone through a lot together. From babies and postpartum depression to teenagers starting to drive and head to college, we have been through it all. We’ve weathered cancer, lost jobs, military life, deaths in our families, moving, new jobs, raising kids and now midlife.

Our Pedi nights have led to some great girlfriend weekends too. We have all learned that an entire weekend together leads to lots of alcohol, shenanigans, good food, sleepwalking, too much money spent shopping, injuries, sea breezes and laughing fits that make you spit beer out of your nose. Apparently we don’t always make good choices.

It’s so nice to let your guard down and relax with a group of women that you totally trust. We may not agree on everything but we always have each other’s backs. If one of us is out of wine and feeling down, the rest grab a few boxes of wine and cheer the other up. Even our Pedi salon serves us wine!

This group of ladies may not talk to each other for months but when we gather for Pedi’s, we pick up where we left off like it’s been nothing. So when I see nail polish on display during my quick trips to Target, (why do I always go in for 1 thing and come out having spent $100?) I always think of these ladies and how much they mean to me.

I hope you have a girl squad to sit on the porch and sip margaritas with too. If not, find you some. I’m sure there is an App for that. 😉










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