Wake up.

This is the important one. Am I breathing? Can I feel my limbs? Is it Saturday? If I have to pee then I better move quickly now.

Check my phone/calendar.

Messages, emails, calendar. Is this day going to be stressful or costly? Ugh. Check bank accounts. This step sets the tone for the day. Let the Dog out and scream at him to hurry up as he ignores me and pees on everything.

Shower and Make-up.

Make-up only if I am leaving the house. But I usually have to leave the house. You know if you don’t have on make-up, you will almost certainly have to leave the house and run into someone you know and they will think you have lost the will to live because you look like crap.


Chick-fil-a. They get me.


Part-time job. Little people are involved so flu shots are a must. Happy part of my day. J


Store, bank, lunch (maybe a liquid lunch depending on if this is a stressful or costly day). Shopping? Lacrosse game?  Did Thing 2 forget something and I have to take it to him because I don’t want him to fail in life if I don’t get it to him? Usually end up not taking it to him and he figures something out.

Home James.

Laundry, housework, DVR catch-up (guilty pleasure: Vanderpump Rules or any Real Housewives), dinner prep. Call Big Daddy and try to get convince him we should eat out. Usually I win. Yay. Let the dog out, let him in, let him out, let him in…jeez. Text with Thing 1 about his day at college and wonder if he is really getting any sleep. Is he eating, is he staying out of trouble, do I even want to know… (flashback to my college days)

chriswill2016 Thing 1 and Big Daddy heart

End of the Day.

Food coma. Clean the kitchen, fold the clothes. Cocktails. Watch a little TV with Big Daddy till he nods off and the snoring makes it hard for me to concentrate. Let the Dog out and wait till he decides he wants to come back inside. Then head upstairs, walk past Thing 2’s room and make a note to kill him if he doesn’t clean it up soon. Brush my teeth and watch a little DVR TV with Big Daddy (Fallon/House Hunters) then hit the hay and pray I wake up again tomorrow.

Typical Weekend.

That’s another post…

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