Remember Spring Break?


This is Thing 1 (on the right) and his bud Andy. They are both home on spring break from college. Andy is recovering from surgery from a Frisbee accident. (I kid you not). I love how these guys and their friends are all back together for the week to talk about their college life and the changes since high school. I think it’s great these boys and their friends are still tight. And I am thankful they are not in Florida or anywhere else trouble brews during spring break. Do you remember your break? Raise your hand if you almost went to jail.

But take a good look at this picture. See the glasses? Thing 2 bought them as a graduation gift last year for his brother. College is spelled wrong. Thing 2 thought that was hilarious. The real funny part? These guys don’t seem to notice its spelled wrong. 🙂 Yet, they have almost survived the first year of college.

Maybe they will cure cancer. Eh, maybe not….lol

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