Pimpin’ Myself


Shameful Self Promo (1)

First, let’s talk about the picture. Sooooo inappropriate. But you have to admit it made you chuckle. 🙂 and that proves you have a somewhat dirty mind.

Now let’s talk about me. I am having a blast with my little blog. It may not be all that funny or readable and maybe you’re embarrassed to know me because of my blog, etc. But if you have some free time and your in the bathroom or at work and just goofing off and have nothing better to do. VOTE. I don’t meet like Trump or Hillary, I mean vote for me!

See I joined a mom blog group and they compete for votes. I’m all about pimpin’ myself out for votes. While I’m not really competitive (liar liar pants on fire) I just want to prove that I can win at something.  So go to my homepage of my blog and click on the mommy looking badge on the left side and vote for me. You can do it once a day everyday if you want! PLEASE?

Meanwhile I am hard at work coming up with material to write about and creating fun little pics like the one above. I am also adding fun stuff to my Facebook fan page too. 🙂

Updates: Thing 1 moves home from college for the summer so we will be a full house again for a few months. That means more material for you to read and more $ for the guy at the liquor store. Have a great week Peeps!


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