Hospital Field Trip

Big Daddy finally got his new knee yesterday. Our family has had a lot of surgeries over the years but I’m always amazed at the experience during a stay at a hospital. 

During the first hour we had lunch in the cafeteria. Frankly the food is really good. During lunch there was an announcement that there was a missing person running around the hospital and everyone should be on the look out. Really? Who would want to flee at lunchtime? Anyway here is a pictorial story of our first day. 

Before surgery. Meds have been given. Happy time. 

Thing 1&2 taking up as much space as possible in the recovery waiting room. 

Nana shows up with treats in her purse. 

Thing 2 realizes I’m taking pics. He’s pissed now. Lol 

Big Daddy after surgery. Says he’s cold. Says a lot things that don’t make sense. Thanks morphine. 🙂 

Our view from the hospital room. #swanky 

Day 2 breakfast. Although they wouldn’t bring me a mimosa. Up until now they had a 5 star rating. Hoping to go home in the next day or so. Prayers for Big Daddy to heal fast. Prayers for me And my sanity. 🙂

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