Gorilla Wars 2016

So here is the video. Shot by a person at the zoo where a 4 year-old child fell into the enclosure of an endangered gorilla named Harambe. I warn you it’s pretty hard to watch especially if you’re a parent. This happened over the weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo. Can you even fathom this?

I am sad that the Zoo had to shoot and kill the gorilla, but there seemed to be no other way to save the child. The gorillas (there were 3) were called back to exit the enclosure but only the two females listened to the command. Harambe would not exit. He kept the child close to him and as you can see in the video, dragged the boy through the water. This apparently went on for about 10-15 minutes before zoo officials shot the gorilla and rescued the child.

The child was ok (suffered a concussion and some bruises) but the adored gorilla was no more. Then it went from bad to worse.

Social media lost it’s ever-loving mind on this one. There were death threats to the mom and idiotic people were posting things like “you’re  son should’ve died”, “you’re a terrible mom and you should die” etc. WOW. Really people? I get it. The gorilla was loved and adored at the zoo as well as being an endangered gorilla. But really? ASSHOLES.

According to reports the mom was taking a picture and like ALL PARENTS didn’t even realize her child had disappeared. All it takes is one flippin’ second. The child was gone and in the enclosure with a dangerous primate. Can you even imagine? You know that feeling when you’re at Target and your child takes off and you panic? Sometimes even have to have an employee page your child? It happens. A lot. This day at the zoo was no different for this mom. So stop all the hate. You have better things to bitch about like Trump, Hillary, Sanders or Isis. But this mom doesn’t deserve the crap being dished out to her on social media. That child’s life was worth saving. That mom will be haunted by this and second guess herself forever.

There are media reports saying the gorilla was holding the child’s hand and protecting him. It may appear that way and it may be true. But no one can ever be sure that is the case and no one was willing to risk that child’s life. I am sad that Harambe had to be killed. I really am. I am sure this mom is sad about that too.

So yes we all need to watch our kids a little closer at the zoo or the beach or anywhere else but it is not always a negligent parent whose kid gets lost or runs off in the blink of an eye. I hope this mom and child can heal from the incident and I hope other people will take a breath and realize this mom is not the devil. If we think a gorilla’s life is more important than a child’s life, maybe we shouldn’t have animals in zoos. Because that is keeping animals far from their natural habitats. And isn’t that mean? (For the record I like zoos, just had to make that statement for all the idiots out there.)

So CHILL people. *picks up soap box and leaves the room.

4 thoughts on “Gorilla Wars 2016

  1. OMG. I’ve seen some stuff on social media about this tragedy, but have been spared the psychotics you mentioned (so far).

    Yes, it does only take a second. Parents are *on* 24/7 and kids can be so fast, so oblivious to consequences.

    It’s really, really sad that they had to shoot the gorilla… But this was a situation where they can’t take a risk. We can’t risk the child being brained by a gorilla, which happens.

    I love animals, but this is a lesser-of-two-evils situation. I completely agree with you on this

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      1. I’m right there with ya. There’s no way people could know what the gorilla was thinking and though it’s sad, it’s the only rational move

        We can’t just wait and see what happens when gorillas play with babies.

        I love animals too but there’s a limit! Priorities, folks…

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