Thelma & Louise, Day 2

Day 2 and we are bracing for a tropical storm! Cloudy day and rainy but we sat out on the beach in the rain anyway. Because we’re rebels. Then it started pouring and we decided that we didn’t have to be rebels all day.

Thing 1 left to go back home so it’s just me and Louise and mom and dad. I’m so glad my parents are self confident enough to dress alike:
Yep. Twinning. But that’s ok. This is Thelma and Louise after collecting all the sugar packets off our table so we can drink coffee in the morning cuz we’re badasses.

Back at the condo watching Redbox movies in our PJs. Storm should be howling tomorrow. Thank God for coffee and a million sugar packets!

Night Peeps!

3 thoughts on “Thelma & Louise, Day 2

  1. I’d go with embarrassing. It becomes horrifying when they purchase the same shirt for everyone and insist that you all wear it. At the same time. And take photos for their Christmas card.

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