Thelma, Louise & Burnt Toast

Louise burnt toast this morning and set off the smoke alarm. You can visualize us trying to wave towels at the detector to stop the shrill. Thank God we still had all that stolen sugar from last night for our coffee.

We decided to take a shopping day because we are still sun burnt from Sunday. After a few stores we hit Johnny Rockets for lunch. Best burgers and shakes. Our waiter was Radu from the Republic of Moldova. Loved him! Here he is with Louise.

He’s working at the Rocket for the summer then touring the states until he heads back home and back to school. What adventures he’s having! He said he’d been here just two weeks and has already been hit by a car! But he’s ok! If his family sees this blog I want them to know we think he’s a great kid! Hello Radu’s family!

Here’s Radu and his roommate (on the right) dancing during our lunch.

 Love it!

We had too much fun at lunch. We’re hoping Radu and his roommate will update us on their travels this fall.

Would you trust up shopping? We found figurines that really represent our friendship.

Lol so us. We finished up shopping then dined with mom and dad, hit the pool for a night swim and now we’re trying to load a movie to watch but it’s not working out. So maybe we need to head to the Tiki Bar for a margarita. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. 🙂

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