Lost Shaker of Salt, Thelma & Louise 

This week has been a lot like the Jimmy Buffet song ‘Margaritaville’. We’ve lost track of the days, missing a flip flop, ended up with an extra beach chair and lost the salt shaker. And it’s  nobody’s fault.

Another awesome day at the beach! Here’s what’s been happening:

1. Louise set off the bedroom smoke detector this time. We’re calling it the hair dryer incident.

2. Slept on the beach till we realized we forget to eat breakfast. Lots of smokers on the beach. I just want to smack those people. 😦

3. It was my parents 55th wedding anniversary. Awww right? They took US to a steak dinner. We ate like we hadn’t had a meal in weeks.

Sweet right? I gave them a card and Louise gave them a huge thing of chocolate. Forgot to tell her dad’s a diabetic. Lol

My parents holding hands to the car. Or holding each other up. Lol

4. You can’t go to the beach and not get ice cream right?

Louise had to much sugar in that pirate picture. #blessherheart

5. Then we just hung out and watched the shrimp boats.

Things we don’t have pictures of: the very low flying military helicopters last night and the couple having sex in the pool right below our condo.

We know you can’t wait to hear what happens today!

~Thelma & Louise

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