Shopping is My High


Last week I visited the new craft/home décor store in our town. As the doors opened I heard a choir of angels singing behind me. Décor Heaven on earth! Remember Louise from my Thelma and Louise adventures? Check that one out here: She was there too! Her husband was not enjoying it. I think he mouthed “this is hell” to my hubby.

 Anyhoo, if you’ve never shopped at a Hobby Lobby before it’s like a Michaels/Target utopia. They have everything from fabrics, crafting supplies and home décor items to Christmas and Halloween stuff everywhere. And get this! It’s all ORGANIZED! By groups, colors and any other way you can possibly organize something. It made my OCD heart burst with organized love for my new favorite store!

 I literally wanted to buy everything and completely redesign my house. Big Daddy stopped me when he saw me drooling in the picture aisle and reminded me we have a kid in college and the other one needs school supplies soon. Damn those kids. But in the end I bought a cute little pineapple print to hang in the foyer and I got 40% off with their coupon I found on my phone.


Not the best shot but you get it. I am obsessed with pineapples. And yes, I realize I am not the first person to discover a fun new store. But it’s the little things. I’m going back next week. Y’all wanna come with?

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