October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.


It’s Wednesday. In October. Yes I know there are more than one Wednesday in a month but this is the first Wednesday. So bite me. Anyhoo, I checked my calendar (yes I still use the planner calendar method *with fancy stickers) and my calendar says to ‘Make Today Great!’ So now what? I mean I use these stickers to MOTIVATE myself yet I got nothin’.


So how to make the day great ideas:

  • Get groceries ahead of the hurricane headed our way. Most people buy milk and bread, Here at Casa de Margaritas we buy toilet paper. Lots of it.
  • Hit the Liquor store. Again because of said hurricane. I have to be able to tolerate being stuck with my family and the dog who is afraid of his own shadow. The dog will literally lose his shit in a hurricane.
  • Buy clothes. I can’t blame this on the hurricane.
  • Have lunch with the girls. Damn. Did that yesterday.
  • Watch all the reality shows I have saved on the DVR. Just finished Fear the Walking Dead. Cannot wait till The Walking Dead! (best shows since LOST).
  • Call my friends who live at the coast and offer for them to stay with us until the storm passes. lol. NOPE.
  • Call my friends who live at the coast and wish them good luck during the hurricane.
  • Get a pedicure. My salon offers wine with a pedi. 🙂
  • Clean out Thing 2’s room. Wait. Can’t believe I even typed that. I’d have to buy a bio hazard suit first.
  • Hang out with some great girlfriends and laugh, drink margaritas and eat brownies. THAT will make the best Wednesday ever.


So I think I just motivated myself. Hurricane prep or not, it will be a great day. It’s all mindset. If you’re not having a good day it’s your damn fault. At least if we lose power over the weekend, we won’t have to watch any political crap and that my friends, will make an AWESOME weekend. So have a great one peeps!

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