Hurricanes and Clown Shows


Happy Tuesday Peeps. I am EXHAUSTED. Between dealing with Hurricane Matthew and the clown show that was the presidential debate the other night, I can’t even. You feel it too? Let’s break it down.

Hurricane Matthew. We knew it was coming. Hell I bought bread and milk and batteries a week ago so I knew I was prepared. Why can’t other people be prepared? Evacuate means get the F off the island, it’s not SURVIVOR! I get it, you want to say you rode out the big hurricane in 2016 but seriously? And if you did ride out the storm, I hope you are safe and have enough liquor to last awhile.

For those of you who stayed in your homes and had no idea you were in the danger zone, I hate you are without power/water and I hate it if you got flooded out. Help and supplies are on the way. Just FYI, I had no idea so many people had basements in central NC until I saw all the flooding of basements on Facebook. Yikes!

And to the kiddos: I know you are so excited that you don’t have school but you will have to make up those days. Don’t you wish the school systems would just say, “ok we missed a week because of the hurricane so we’re going to give everyone a pass and no make up days!” Yeah, not gonna happen.

Now to the clown show. Did you watch it? I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was like when you watch a scary movie and you want to watch but you keep closing your eyes? Yeah that was me during the debate. I started to jot down all the one liners from both candidates but I couldn’t type fast enough. lol But the fly on Hillary’s eyebrow sent me into a laughing fit. You can’t make this stuff up. I don’t care who you are voting for, or what beef you have with either candidate, this debate was one for the history books. I heard there were all kinds of drinking games. Check this out from somewhere in Facebook land:


Looks like Anderson had enough of the clown show. Don’t you love Facebook? People are hilariously creative.

But I think after the first 5 minutes everyone just gave up the game and just drank till the candidates stopped talking.  And the best part? When they were asked to say something nice. Well played moderator, well played.

Speaking of people with not a lot of sense, Thing 1 and Big Daddy went to the NCSU football game in the middle of the hurricane. They beat Notre Dame but you couldn’t pay me to sit in the wind and rain for football. Especially since it was on TV. No one in my family is “normal”.


If you are into sports, Thing 1 has his own blog now. All about (you guessed it) SPORTS! Check him out here:

That’s all I have for today. I hope you can find something to laugh about this week. If not, have a cocktail and sit on the porch. It’s a great day to be alive!


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