Viral Words In 2016 That Need To Go Before I Die.

chalkboardThere are some words and phrases that are like nails on a chalkboard for me. For those of you not in the age range of midlife-to almost dead, it’s what we used to write on before smart boards. You can google it for kicks. But back to my rant. Lately I have been on edge and the slightest thing annoys me. And the more things like words and phrases that annoy me, the more I tend to use them out of habit and then I’m really annoyed. Like the other day Big Daddy and I were at Sonic and I said, “these mozzarella sticks are on fleek tonight!” My husband had never heard that phrase and looked at me like I was on crack. Can you believe he hadn’t heard that before? lol I mean he has teenage kids for crying out loud. (another phrase I hate by the way).

How about Lit? This blog is so ‘lit’ yo! Really? Incase you still don’t get it, lit means happening or awesome. Kinda like when we used to say, “this is so rad y’all”. I can’t even. Oh that’s another phrase. But I can’t stop saying it. I can’t even. lol

How about Fam? Short for family but the kids use it to identify their “squad” or “posse” of friends. We bloggers and close-knit friends also use ‘tribe‘. I love to hashtag all these things on insta and twitter. My kids keep telling me I am so 2012. I have more knowledge in my little pinky than my kids will have in their whole life. That makes me “woke”. I’m gonna need you to google that. lol

While I’m on a roll I’m just gonna throw out some words from this year’s election that wore my nerves out. I don’t care who you voted for, both sides made me cringe with these:

Bigly: Yes it IS a real word but so annoying!  Then ‘Anchor Baby’, ‘Servergate‘, ‘Deplorables‘, ‘Demagogue‘…I could go on but I am sure you are trying to recover from a solid year of all that so we gonna peace out on that.

But just a few more. These need to go away before the English language is no longer recognizable. Yas: kinda like yes on steroids. ‘Goals‘ might have to stay. I love that one. #goals. lol ‘Turnt‘, ‘Bae‘, ‘Basic‘. OMG. I literally can’t even. lol But I love to whip out a # to my kids and do the hashtag sign with my fingers (for the elderly, that means make the old number sign from your corded phone key pad by crossing two fingers over two more fingers).

At least we don’t hear much on ‘Chillax‘ and ‘YOLO‘ anymore.

So here it is the Christmas Season and while I should be happy AF, I am trying to get these words out of my head except when I annoy my family.  Speaking of fam, Christmas with the fam is coming up. Thanksgiving went way to smooth so I am pretty certain there will be drama worth drinking for on the 25th. But Jesus is the reason for the season so I am praying all will go well. Can I get an Amen?

Here’s a picture of my empty glass of JOY: joyglassjpg


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