I Blame Midlife for Having to Buy a New HUGE Phone!


I gave up. I couldn’t see my text messages anymore on my iPhone. Even with the text setting to XXX large. So the other day I decided to just give up and get the iPhone PLUS. The one that is somewhere between a regular phone and a laptop. But I got it in the color gold, because it costs as much as a big box of gold bars. lol Anyway, I can now see the text and everything.Ā  (By the way, this is not an add for iPhone.)


But I am a sucker. I let the sales girl talk me into a huge black Bluetooth speaker for my house. It was on sale from 600.00 down to 150.00. How could I pass that up? Then there was the option for a free iPad. It would only be 40.00 more dollars a month for the plan. SERIOUSLY? You just suckered me into a speaker! My phone is almost as big as the iPad so I don’t need your iPad! I miss the days when you could just buy a plan and get a free phone.

SO, since I had to get a bigger phone to be able to see, I also got a few apps that are very helpful for midlifer’s. So I thought I would share. The first one is Google Keep. It’s for reminders and to-do list. You can make several different types of list on one page and you can make them all different colors. You can never have enough apps the help you remember stuff.


My Fitness Pal. You probably have this one if you are fitness person. I am not. But it does help me see how much I consume food wise and gives me a chart of how much of my day was carbs, proteins, fats etc. Seems my carbs take up most of the circle graph. Hate that. lol. It’s free so maybe it will inspire me to lose some weight. I dunno. I put in a margarita and it tells me I have gone over for the day in sugar and alcohol. Duh.


Candy Crush. Trust me. Playing this app improves memory and brain power. Don’t ask me to prove it. I just know it’s true. I’m on level 721 in case you were wondering.

Pinterest. This app helps me organize my house, decorate my house, improve my cooking skills and overall makes me a better person. How did we live before Pinterest? My husband has a Pinterest too. To help him organize his dream cars. lol

That’s all I got peeps. Let me know if you have some great apps so I can add them to my phone. Gotta run, it’s half-time at the super bowl.


10 thoughts on “I Blame Midlife for Having to Buy a New HUGE Phone!

  1. I’ve got the Note 5 which is the biggest phone they make. I found out I was holding a dinosaur the other day and that they aren’t making them anymore! Now I have to treat it like the Orb of Isis because if it goes I have to get a shrunken phone. I can’t deal!

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  2. I’m getting a new phone soon and have really been vacillating between the regular size and the plus size. I don’t have an iPad so maybe the bigger phone is a good option. I’m going to check out Google Keep. Thanks!

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