Midlife Margaritas is Turning 1! And Other Crap You Probably Don’t Care About….



So what. My blog is one year old today. I CARE! I am so thrilled about how much fun I have had blogging this past year! I have met some very cool and funny bloggers and fans. I started a Facebook page a few months back and have over 600 fans now. Strangers write to me and tell me I make them LAUGH! #GOALS! And that’s why I blog. If I can cheer someone up or give them a chuckle and brighten someone’s day, then my job is done.

I know I have haters out there. People who think blogging is weird or don’t get my humor or think  I am a crappy parent, or think I swear too much…Yada Yada Yada. So be it. Oh and the ones that think I have a drinking problem. Beotches, I’m just bringing Cocktail Parties back to life! You don’t drink? Then pull up with a non-alcoholic drink and I will still hang with you. I don’t judge. Mostly anyway.

So anyway, here are highlights from 2016 and the start of 2017.

  • Started Midlife Margaritas on January 30th 2016.
  • Took lots of blogging & photography webinars/classes.
  • Boosted sales at our local Liquor store.
  • Made new friends and kept some of the old… (girl scout reference, lol).
  • Starting writing a book on ‘Midlife Style’. It’s coming along!
  • My children are still giving me plenty of blog worthy material.
  • My father still reads my blog and is my biggest fan. 🙂
  • I have some collaborations in the works with some fun people/projects.
  • Getting ready to launch a Midlife Margaritas surprise!
  • Have gotten addicted to ‘planner stickers’
  • My family including Big Daddy are still very supportive of my blog and don’t complain when I am writing instead of doing laundry and cooking healthy meals.
  • A new “Thelma and Louise” adventure is coming up!
  • I survived the flu with my entire family.
  • And so much more!

So celebrate with me today and have a cupcake and a cocktail! Keep the emails and comments and shares coming. For my local blogger friends here in Raleigh NC, let’s get a local cocktail party in the works! You in?

Happy Monday Peeps!

photo credit: Lucy Djevdet

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16 thoughts on “Midlife Margaritas is Turning 1! And Other Crap You Probably Don’t Care About….

  1. Happy Birthday! Love your blog! Errr have you got any tips on how to increase FB followers? I started my page last April and have still only gathered 87, and I personally know at least 40 of those lol!!! And Twitter makes me feel seasick with all the following/unfollowing nonsense. People – make a decision and stick to it! Now I’m tackling Pinterest – I must want my bumps counted… 🙂

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