Hey Y’all Around The World!

So the singer Pitbull calls himself Mr. Worldwide, so I think we should collaborate. I mean looking at my blogs stats and seeing people following my posts from all over the world makes me Mrs. worldwide right?

I have followers from Canada, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia (I know right?), Hong Kong, Moldova, Portugal, Costa Rica, Egypt, Peru, Kuwait, Israel, Greece and so many more I can’t even pronounce! So exciting!


It feels like I have pen pals everywhere on a whole other level. I’m worried tho. Are they reading my posts thinking this crazy midlife mom is the norm in the good ol USA? Let me set the record straight. YEP. I am the normal, standard mom/wife that represents ALL the crazy, midlife American mom/wifes out there. I mean have you seen any of the ‘Real Housewives of Anywhere USA’? I’m so tame compared to any of those.
However I’m beyond thrilled to have so many countries represented as readers of my little blog. I hope you all laugh and get my corny attempts at humor. If not then you need a new translator. lol Seriously feel free to email me and tell me what the moms are like in your country! They can’t be worse than me.
Just wanted to shout out to all my readers wherever you live. We are all so different but that in itself is reason to celebrate. I’m just hoping you have liquor stores where you live.

Hugs & Kisses
Midlife Margaritas

2 thoughts on “Hey Y’all Around The World!

  1. Being a mom to a teenager in the Good old USA is sooooooooo easy breezy! I don’t even need pills or alcohol to cope with the constant teenage mood swings and eye rolls. The sound of MOM, in a teenage girl voice like MOOOMa is not bothersome or annoying in the least. Being the teenage chauffeur is all fun and games until I just want to blare my rap music and they just want to chit chat. LOL YEAH RIGHT!

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