A Typical Day of Blogging. It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing. 

I’ve heard so many times, “I wish I could just sit around and blog all day.” Like it’s just so easy peasy.  You have no idea how hard it can be. I mean sure it sounds easy and glamorous but don’t quit your day job just yet. Here’s a typical day for me:

I get up and brush my teeth then get back in bed with my phone. I check all my social media accounts, respond to emails, check my bank account (see if I have coffee/bagel money), jot down any notes then check my calendar to see if I have any appointments I forgot about. (This determines my mood). 

Then it’s Yoga time! I’ve just added Yoga to my day and while I hate any form of “working out” it’s not too bad. After that, shower, dress and head downstairs to my office. I’ll check a few things, let the dog out then head out for coffee or make a kcup and eat breakfast. (See how glamorous it is so far?)

If I go out, that’s where I might find inspiration. Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations is a big part of the fun. Especially other mom conversations. So now I’m inspired and head home to blog. 

I get settled into my office and before I can touch my keyboard the house phone rings. Seriously? No one calls the house phone except my mom or the pharmacy. Ignore. Start typing and the dog comes in wanting me to feed him. I dramatically sigh but he doesn’t care. He’s a dog. Feed the dog then start again. 

I’m just making good headway when the dog wants to go out. Let him out. He wants back in. OMG! Pick one! In or out! Again, he doesn’t care. Back to work. The phone will ring 3 more times and a solicitor will come to the door. I wish I could ignore it but what if it’s the Clearinghouse Prize Patrol? GEEZ! Nope. Just a guy wanting to sell me meat out of the back of his car. 

Back at it again. It’s way after lunch so forget eating. Need to start dinner. I’m hungry so I grab a frozen margarita out of the freezer and keep going. Blog post done and now to create the graphics. Check all my social media again. Finish the laundry, let the dog out again (feed him before he barks for it) schedule the blog post, drink another margarita, get dinner ready, family comes home. Kids ask, “So mom, place looks wrecked. What did you do all day?”  

Me: I blogged about how ungrateful and judgey you guys are. 

Kids: Cool. Did you do any laundry?

Me: Nope. Laundry Faiy stopped by and when she saw all your laundry she said, “Screw this!” And she went the hell home for a nap. 

And that, peeps, is a typical blogging day for me. Straight out of Disney right?

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