Today Has Gone to The Dogs

I know you’re wondering where my weekly post is. Truthfully the entire week has gone to the dogs. My week started out with my office flooding (clogged drain) and that has eaten up my week. Trying to get back in the groove today and it’s already after 1! 

Working on cleaning out my laundry room because my family thinks everything goes in there. And I mean everything. Just found a bag of vitamins, 3 athletic cups (yay for boys), old dog food in a boot, batteries not in a package, so are they new or old? 3 mismatched socks, a duffle bag that big daddy was super pissed he couldn’t find 2 weeks ago and 3 ankle braces. 

Currently I’m laying on the floor typing this on my phone because my back can’t take it anymore. But friends, I promise to have a post out next week. But it may be my kids eulogy when I’m done in this laundry room! 

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