America, Get Your Shit Together.


Hello Margarita Girls/Guys!

To say the least, this week sucked like the mother of all sucky suckiness in the USA. If you live here and are not affected, you are dead inside. I mean, have we all lost our dignity and self-respect? It’s like we’re animals fighting for the last key to the zoo cage. I would like to just throw out there that the only person you can change, is YOU. That’s right. You can’t change anyone else, but you can change you. You can change how you react and treat others.  

I think it’s all a matter of shutting your mouth, listening to others, be kind to others and treat them how you want to be treated. If everyone could just treat others with love and kindness, it would be a much better situation. But I am not totally engulfed in the stupid bubble, I mean I do realize there are a lot (gazillions) of people who just plain hate. Their hearts are so full of hate and they may be a lost cause. And we can’t change them. If you are the praying type, pray for the haters that they can find peace in themselves and learn to let go and love. Sounds so simple right? Lots of you are like, “is she on crack? Has she just lost her fricking mind and drinking margaritas morning, noon and night now?” 

Our leaders in the world could use a few lessons too. Instead of just wanting to give their opinions, maybe they need to shut up and listen too. Maybe they could stop worrying about getting re-elected and make better choices and use their words carefully too. No leader is immune. Sometimes it takes a bold leader to make the tough but right decisions.

I wish I could be witty or funny this week but I can’t find it in me right now. Hopefully soon I will be back at my awful parenting skills and writing more of my midlife crisis stories. I’m just hoping the world doesn’t run out of Xanax and Tequila before then (however, don’t mix those, I heard that’s bad).  I want the fun back. I want there to be happy people who like each other and willing to listen to others. I want the world to be better. I want America to be better. I know we are capable of it, but are we willing to try something different?

I know lots of you will say I don’t know what I am talking about, that you have to stand up and fight, that violence is ok in some situations and we can’t stop till we win. Sorry but no. Hate is hate is hate. Hate/violence is not ok. On any side. And standing up for what you believe is right must be done without hate in your heart. Concern, yes. Fear yes. But hate, no.

So for now, I am just turning off the news, staying away from confrontations and watching lots of mindless Netflix shows. Waiting for the eclipse. Although I better stay inside. I am one of those people if you tell me not to look at something, I will look anyway. It’s subconscious. And I’ll end up in the ER with my eyes burning. So I’ll be inside during the eclipse. Drinking. Drinking margaritas. Waiting for America to get her shit together. 

8 thoughts on “America, Get Your Shit Together.

  1. America HAS her shit together, dear. With people like you. Not by looking at eclipses, but by loving and living. Hate can’t be eradicated. We can raise our kids and show them love and acceptance, and that’s all. We can rant and rave and punch back, but that won’t do any good. It’ll just perpetuate the fight.

    You have the right idea, I think, turning off the news. I saw a sign that said “turn off the news and love your neighbor.” Yes, to that. Yes, you’re doing that. So are many, many others. We can’t force people not to hate. We can just love. More.

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  2. Turned off the news over the weekend and felt so much better on Monday morning 🙂 Oh, wait….am I allowed to do that? Does that make me socially unaware? Now…where did I leave that Margarita?

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