If Everyone Would Stop Overthinking and Just Laugh a Little. And I Need New Friends.

Stop Overthinking and Laugh A Little!

As I was going through all the gazillions of blogs I read each week, I noticed a trend. Nobody is funny anymore. Everyone is so serious. And I am really bored with everyone. I need new blogs to read that are entertaining, funny, stories that make you say, “you can’t make this shit up!” I don’t want to read your political views, your soapbox rants about shit that doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things, your issues with your mom that your therapist has convinced you that is why you are in therapy….yada, yada, yada. Where are the funny, real and ‘laugh out loud’ people?

I’m over it. I yawn through the blogs and try not to comment how I really feel about your amazing recipe for chili or your experience of the latest solar eclipse and your encouraging posts for moms to try find more time for themselves so they are less crabby everyday. Oh and I don’t want to leave out all the posts about going natural with no make up and always wear yoga pants and messy buns because it’s not about how you look. Really? Have you just given up on life girl? PUT ON SOME FRICKING MAKEUP! Will it kill you?

I get it. You want to encourage the young moms that we all go through this and it will get better. WHAT? lol Stop lying. We all know the older these kids get the bigger the issues. It’s why most of us drink! Kids are a wonderful gift. Yes they are. Sometimes. But do we need to remind these kids that we as moms are a wonderful gift to them? Yes we do. Let’s tell these moms how to really handle the bad days. Write it down, see the humor in it. It’s there. And when the bad day passes, you can share how your toddler smeared poop all over the walls and blamed the dog. Then other moms will feel better because you made it funny. And if it’s funny, it’s not so bad anymore. It’s doable.Β 

I love all the blogs that post their daily political opinion and no one else is right except the blogger. And you better not voice your opinion in the comments either. You will be annihilated by those who oppose you! No fun there right? So post the humor of it all. Like how you were protesting/marching and you saw this chick screaming about something but all you could focus on was the huge booger in her nose! Yes, that’s when I can tolerate a boring post. When someone has a booger and you don’t tell them. That’s blog gold right there!

This world is going to shit. And I think everyone is just over thinking everything then writing about it. I have given up on most people at this point. And I think the only thing that will save the planet is humor. And margaritas. So, if you have a favorite blog that is funny and real, please let me know about it! I need new blogs. Also, if you have any funny friends, tell them to reach out to me. I need new friends too. I just pissed off half of mine with this post…:)

Until next time, Cheers Y’all!

24 thoughts on “If Everyone Would Stop Overthinking and Just Laugh a Little. And I Need New Friends.

  1. You clearly haven’t read my funny poem about the menopause or my funny post about going swimming. Get yourself over there right now and have a laugh! πŸ˜‚ The whole raison d’etre of my blog is to make fellow midlifers laugh…no politiical views or llifestyle tips from me – no siree 😊

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      1. Ah thanks 😘 Like you I’m NOT interested in anything serious. I don’t want to be told what toiletries to use or where to go on holiday, just because I’m 50 FFS! And for some reason it’s assumed I now have no idea what clothes to wear! I so do! πŸ˜‚

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  2. You are my favorite and I love it! Totally agree everyone needs to LIGHTEN UP and laugh. Laughter is how I deal with everything. Well that and curse words. And alcohol. Okay so a few things but all of which go with laughter!

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  3. Look at it this way. Blogging is a great outlet when we have something to say but no one wants to listen because we do take ourselves too seriously, which is in fact sometimes boring. Those who find life funny are more likely doing stand-up than blogging. That’s why I turn to YouTube when I need a laugh.

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  4. *Clinks a ridiculously large margarita glass against yours*

    So true! I’m exploring a whole bunch of “midlife” type blogs at the moment in preparation for getting my own one going, and I’m finding I spend WAY more time on the funny ones πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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