Margaritaville Retirement Plans. It’s Not to Soon to Plan!


When you hit midlife, you tend to start thinking of your mortality. How much longer do I have to live? Where will I finish out my golden years? I have found the answer friends! Margaritaville! Yes, Virginia, there is such a place.

But let’s start with our wish list. Here’s what are our needs are going to be like in retirement. I have a laundry list:

  • Must be near a liquor store.
  • Hospital close by. 
  • Retirement village for 55+ where only grandchildren can visit and not live with you.
  • Community center with wet bar and margarita machine. (preferably an on-site bartender too)
  • Someone to mow the lawn and keep up the landscape.
  • Near or on the beach.
  • House cleaning service and laundress.
  • Golf carts only.
  • Cabana boys with tans year-round.
  • Saturday night low-country boils.
  • Best Cheeseburgers in the world.
  • Pirates.
  • Impromptu Jimmy Buffett concerts.

Sound like a dream? Well friends, it’s an actual reality. JB is building 2 Margaritaville communities! One in Hilton Head, SC and the other in Daytona Beach FL! Um, is this Heaven? You have to check it out here: Margaritaville Retirement

I realized what I needed in a retirement community when I couldn’t keep a damn Gerber daisy alive.


Really? This lead me to think, hmm, I need a gardener. That’s how it all started. Then I started researching retirement communities and Jimmy Buffett and then I found it! Cannot contain my excitement. Now I just have to get that last kid out of my house and start packing. 

I’m pretty sure we can’t afford to live there but if anyone wants to go in havesies with us, that’d be great. Time to start planning peeps. Our time is now. Life’s to short to live in the city till the end. We need the ocean breeze and salty air in our hair and the constant sound of a steel drum band on a daily basis. I guarantee we will live longer in Margaritaville.

Cheers Y’all!

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