Go To The Pep Rally!


Last Friday I went to the pep rally. I haven’t been to a high school pep rally since the 80’s. But this was Thing 2’s last Homecoming weekend (being a Senior and all) and I wanted to make sure I experienced it with him. I am so glad I did.

I am usually working on the blog or my side hustle (Social Media Management & Consulting) but I decided Friday morning I was going to put it all aside and surprise my kid at the pep rally. He was actually one of the co-MC’s for the event and yes that is him in the picture. We have the same hair. lol He rocked it! He was funny, worked the gym, announced the athletes and kept the crowd going. He wasn’t even nervous in front of the 1000+ students/teachers there. I was a proud mom no doubt.

Thing 2 also helped create a “Homecoming” girls vs. guys varsity volleyball game which he was one of the coaches for. So that afternoon I showed up at that too. It was fun to watch (hey I played VB way back in the day too!) and we all knew the girls were going to kick their asses. Which they did. But the boys were awesome and they all had such school spirit. 

Later that night I walked my boy out on the football field at half-time as part of the Homecoming Court. This was his third and final year on the court. Bittersweet. His older brother was there as well as his God family. Big Daddy was taking pictures all over the place and I had to go through gazillions of pics and edit out the ones where I had more than 2 chins. Lawd. 

The next night was the dance. He took a super cute friend of his and went with a great group of kids. As far as I know there was no trouble. At least none we have heard of yet. (fingers crossed). I haven’t cried yet over the “last time for this” event but Prom is coming up this spring, then graduation. Then empty nest! I’m just enjoying the ride. I have done all I can do to teach the boys right from wrong and I can only hope and pray it all sunk in. 

My kids are pretty awesome just like yours are. We brag on our kids a little and love them a lot. I think back to when they were little and the funniest thing I remember is when Thing 2 asked his dad to build a “stage” in the back yard so he could perform. lol Whenever he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he responded, “I want to be a Comedian.” (Most kids want to be a Doctor or Fireman, Nooooo not my kid.)

The take away from all my bragging is this: Take time and put away your busyness and go to the pep rally, or the soccer game or the school musical or whatever. Be present for your kids. You will regret it if you don’t. Even those fricking field trips to the zoo. (Ok, maybe you won’t regret skipping a few field trips or the trip to the school to hear your child play the RECORDER. Nope.) But for everything else you need to be there. Find a way.


4 thoughts on “Go To The Pep Rally!

  1. This makes me so happy. I have the. Eat most dons memoried of my high school pep rally’s. Apparently my teen queen does not feel the same way. It’s not as exciting so glad to hear someone is doing it right and leading the charge on tradition.

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