It’s Almost Halloween and Here’s What Scares Me.


It’s almost the witching hour  day (also known as the time when we ran out of coffee pods) and I was thinking about what really scares me. I am just a tiny bit scared of the dark. Like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and seeing a big brown thing on the bathroom floor and realizing that it’s a roach or spider and I can’t run away because I’m in mid pee. That scares the bejesus out of me. Also, I am still worried something will grab my ankles from under the bed even though, as a grown adult woman, I know that’s impossible because there is so much crap crammed under the bed that no ghost or ghoul in its right mind would even want to hide there.

So while I am scared a tiny bit of the things that go bump in the night, I LOVE scary movies. Except ‘The Exorcist’ because Demons are real. And they really scare me. I mean you are messing with pure evil then. Ghosts aren’t that bad but Demons? No sir, no way! My favorite scary movie is ‘The Shining’. Every time I see identical twin girls, I think about that movie. Sorry, can’t help it.

Haunted Houses. Let’s say if I knew there was a haunted house for sale, I would want to buy it and live there. I mean how cool would that be? Until night-time. Then I would want to stay in a hotel. Because, demons under the beds. And I would sincerely hope that if there where ghosts in the house, that they would actually help out by doing some cooking and cleaning. I guess I want the haunted house to be more of a “Bewitched” TV show type haunted house. My cocktail parties would be the hit of the neighborhood, just saying.

But honestly things scarier than ghosts, demons and haunted houses, I have other fears too. Like, my husband dying before me. We joke about who gets to die first but I really hope it’s me. I can’t fathom being left alone with the kids gone and the hubby gone too. So I guess being alone for the rest of my life is pure horror. Like who will cut my grass? Or who will snore in my ear every night? Who will run to the store late at night to get me chocolate? Just the thought sends shivers down my spine. For those of you who are alone and are doing fine, good for you! You Rock! Me, I was born to be around people all the time.

Another fear I have is something happening to my kids. That would push me into an insane asylum. I can’t imagine. I won’t let my mind go very far on this subject at all. I’d start crying like a fat kid with no cake at the thought of it. I know a lot of you feel the same way. AND I know some of you have had that happen. I don’t know how you get through each day. You would probably say you just do, but I can’t wrap my mind around it. 

While things like the above are the real fears in my life, I have to admit I really like being scared of the dark and ghosts. The thrill of the fear I guess you’d say. Just saw the movie ‘It’ this week and it’s all about your fears. People use your fears against you and there is nothing new about that. But clowns? Who first thought, “let’s put on make up and weird clothes and make children laugh with balloon animals!” Because most kids are terrified of clowns yet we still have them! That reminds me of my grandparents beach house when I was young. One of the bedrooms had pictures of clowns on the walls. WHY? I hated sleeping in there. But why would you decorate a room in a beach house with CLOWNS? I mean why not mermaids or starfish?

So now you know some of my fears. See, I’m not so shallow that running out of margaritas is my only fear. I do have real adult fears too. So what scares you?

8 thoughts on “It’s Almost Halloween and Here’s What Scares Me.

  1. Old age scares me…I want it to stop! The world in its current state, nuclear war, technology taking over, never having to leave the house again because everything is done via the computer, book shops closing down due to the internet, Big Brother taking over our lives, people forgetting how to actually speak to each other… Bloody hell! Think I need to go and lie down in a darkened room with a large gin!!!

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