Do You Have a Holiday Procrastination List?


Got an email the other day asking me if I wanted to order some Christmas Cards. My first thought was, “OMG. I haven’t ordered cards in time for the holiday’s in the past few years. Is this a sign from God that I need to get my life together this year”? As I read the email further it was from someone wanting me to order cards and then review them on Midlife Margaritas. AND they would give me credit to buy them! We all know that here at Midlife Margaritas I will take anything for free. So that was a no brainer! However, I did tell the person that while I’ll do it, no matter if the product is free or they pay me, it might not be the best review if I don’t like it. Life’s to short to be nice to everyone just because you get free stuff.

So, I went on their website, and ordered my holiday cards. The website is nice looking and they have lots of fun stuff on there and lots of cards, planners and stationary to choose from. They even have teacher planners! What teacher doesn’t like a planner!? Anyway, I digress. I ordered the cards and inserted a picture of my family and made a promise to myself that when they came in, I would get them all stuffed in the envelopes and actually mail them this year. The past few years I stuck a picture of my family on Facebook and just posted ‘Merry Christmas!’ I’m such a slacker. My entire to-do list for the holidays is pretty long with gifts to buy and décor to get and people to call and parties to go to. It’s so overwhelming. So now I can cross  cards off my list! Wanna see what they look like?


Yep that’s us! How cute are we? How cute is the card? AND I had the envelopes pre-addressed with my return address! You can choose style, colors, etc. But what I really liked from Purple Trail, was the Thank You note, mini-catalog and the social media info they send in each package. We all know I love social media and Purple Trail asks you to share your creations with them via Facebook and Instagram! #purpletrail


SO if you have a lengthy to-do list for the holidays and cards are on that list, consider Purple Trail! I love them! They also have a Wife/Mom Boss Planner for us busy moms! And If you are a blogger, they also have an affiliate program. I might even use them to make invitations to my next cocktail party. 🙂

Cheers Y’all!

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