A Pirate Looks at 40 – 50 ish…


Let’s just go ahead and get it out there. I’m a Jimmy Buffett Fan. A Parrot Head, Fins to the left, Fins to the right kinda girl. I was so excited when my children were toddlers and they liked listening to my Buffett CD’s in the car. I was one proud mom. Till they learned the words to “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw”. Then it was goodbye Buffett and hello Kid’s Bop for a few years. 

But I digress. Just the other day I heard his song ‘A Pirate Looks at 40’ and I finally really get the message. It’s about a man who looks back on the first 40 years of his life, wanting to be a pirate of the days of old but was born to late. Pondering his future. I’m a little over 40, (shut up) and I have done the same thing. I am sure a lot of us have. Reminiscing on the past and wishing we had done some things and wishing we hadn’t done others. What does the future hold? Are we wiser? Smarter? Have we given up on our dreams?

I don’t regret anything. I wish that maybe I hadn’t done a few things but I learned from the stupid stuff for sure. Still have my dreams. Still working on my future. Still playing the lottery. Somebody has to win it. Why not me? lol 

I lived through my childhood without too much pain. I did bust out my front teeth on a mailbox and passed out at the pool one summer and ate the pavement but I lived. Got into a girl fight in 7th grade (and won). Moved onto High School and spent 4 years trying to figure out who I was and battled self-esteem. Graduated and got the hell out of town and went to college.

College was crazy. I loved every minute of it. Learned to hold my liquor, learned that your girlfriends will turn on you in a second, gained life-long friendships and fell in love a million times. I am pretty sure I escaped death and jail time too. Some of those memories are lost on the booze but I still have no regrets. So many fun times but can’t write about them. My kids read my blog. lol 

Lost friends too soon. Car crashes, overdoses, suicide and cancer. You learn to get past it but you never forget them. Wow this post is getting a little heavy. But you get the picture and I am sure you have some of the very same stories.  Met my husband, fell in love for real this time, had 2 awesome kids. And here I am 40-50 ish. 

This blog is my baby. I have met lots of other bloggers and new friends because of it. I have my social media business that is really getting off the ground and I am still writing that book. Hubby and I may one day be empty nesters and retire and move the beach. Who knows. One thing is for sure, I still have dreams. I still listen to Buffett. 

Cheers from the Pirate Ship!


5 thoughts on “A Pirate Looks at 40 – 50 ish…

  1. A fellow Parrothead here! Love the Buffett vibe, but had to quit the local Parrothead club — too much “political” infighting! Anyway, I live with Margaritaville in my heart and soul. Yes I am a pirate ….

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