Thanksgiving Fails and Perfect Family Holidays

Holiday Fails and Perfect Families

This week is Thanksgiving week in case you’ve not been reminded on Facebook by all your friends. Thanksgiving day we will see lots of plates of food on Instagram and families all smiling and happy. Let’s get real Y’all. All of that is mostly fake. Most of the food pictures look gross and/or the same as everyone else’s and the whole family was just in a huge argument right before the big family picture. So don’t let anyone fool you into believing they are a happy normal family.Ā 

Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. I would frankly love to see pics and posts of Thanksgiving Fails. You know, the dropped Turkey, the family dog on the table eating the leftovers while everyone is in another room taking the family picture, or the cat drinking from the wine glass and falls off the table… you know what I mean.Ā 

I also want to do a post before Christmas of all YOUR Thanksgiving fails! Just a few sentences of this Thanksgiving or a past one where your family had a funny fail. Email them to me at and if you’re a blogger, also add the blog site. I’ll gather them up and write a post. Let’s make Thanksgiving funny again!

My hope is to do a Facebook or Instagram video at my family’s gathering so you all can see a typical dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving. A Norman Rockwell picture of total insanity and chaos. lol I hope I can get it to work but most of my family act like they are in the Witness Protection Program when I whip out my phone. Seriously? I guess I should get them all to sign waivers before anyone starts drinking because you know, lawsuits. So if you don’t already follow me on Insta and FB, find me (midlifemargaritas) and follow and check it out on Thanksgiving day for any videos I might post.

So don’t forget to send me your fails, pictures too if you like! And now I want to leave you with a couple of videos to get you in the Thanksgiving mood:

and Don’t forget this one:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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