An Open Letter To Pinterest. We might have to break up unless you change.


Ok ladies. Men too if you are on Pinterest. We need to start a petition or a call-a-thon or a March to get Pinterest to understand us better. I get the feeling they don’t care about us anymore. I’m seriously considering sending them this Dear John letter. Feel free to share this and tag Pinterest in all your social media. Maybe we can make a change and make Pinterest great again!

Dear Pinterest, It’s not you it’s me. Wait, It’s you not me. You have to change or we can’t stay together. I am really trying to work this out. But you have to at least meet me halfway. There are some things that are really bothering me about you and unless we can do some counseling, I’m not sure how long I can stay in the relationship.

Let’s start with the changes you made in 2017 that weren’t the best. I log into Pinterest and I don’t see my friends pins in my feed anymore. It’s like some robot is pinning stuff to my feed that I don’t even care about. I mean Pecan Pie recipes? I don’t even like Pecans. Posts on reaching your running goals? I DON’T RUN! Not even if a drunk moose were chasing me. I would just lay down and let him trample me. So why are there random pins in my feed that don’t meet my needs? 

No excuses Pinterest. Don’t blame the algorithm gods. We all know that algorithms are not real and they are what social media platforms use as excuses when they can’t figure crap out. “Oh it’s the algorithms”, not. Pu-lease! And where are my friends pins? I used to see my friends and followers pins with their names under them. I knew what they were pinning, to what board and what time! I need that info so I can message them and say, “great pin!” or “why are you up at 4am still pinning Susan?” lol. Can we get back to this? We had such community back in the day. 

I know you are going to say, it’s all in your Pinterest notifications box. Really? What I see is a list of things clumped together and there is no rhyme or reason. And I don’t want to click-through to find it all. I need simplicity. I’m a mom. I drink cocktails when I pin so it needs to be easy peasy. (I drink Mimosas if I’m on Pinterest before noon.)

Another Issue you have dear Pinterest, is in my followers. I click on my followers and there are these gigantic circles of people who follow me. First, I wear readers so I am not blind. No need to make circles the size of crop circles made by aliens. Geesh. Secondly, they are not in order of when someone followed. How about listing recent followers first! This would be so helpful and make me want to work on our relationship. You just have to show me you are willing to work on it P.

I think that’s about it for now. Just consider what I am suggesting. I don’t want to have to break up with you. I have loved you for many years. My husband, not so much and my kids keep telling me my DIY projects don’t look anything like the ones on Pinterest, but that’s ok. At least I know I can turn to you in my time of need for relaxing and motivation. I know we all change, Pinterest. I’m ok with change. But your changes make me cry in pillow every night.  Please, let’s try to work it out. I mean I don’t want to say it but Houzz has been hitting on me lately……

Cheers Y’all!

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Pinterest. We might have to break up unless you change.

  1. I’v given up on Pinterest. I spent AGES designing matching board covers (a blog guru said I had to) and was really chuffed with them. Then suddenly Pinterest has changed the size and now my boards don’t fit ffs!! I also read that Pinterest will bring me 100s of blog followers – it’s brought me nada! I can’t concentrate on all these social media sites so I’m now putting all my efforts into FB and dabbling with Twitter! Merry Christmas 😘

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  2. I have to agree, there’s no rhyme or reason to what shows up on my feed anymore. Why the “F” ??? Why change something so drastically when it really only needed a tweak if that? I don’t get it. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke ….

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  3. I dumped Pinterest a couple of years ago. It was okay when we were dating but the minute we moved in together everything changed and then, just when I was getting used to those changes, everything changed again. I tried honest dialogue but … “my way or the highway” didn’t work for me. So it was adios.

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