New Year, New You & All That Crap….


Here it is. 2018. Woo hoo. If you were expecting me to be all happy and read about all my New Year resolutions, you will be really disappointed. I mean do people really make resolutions and stick to them? I stopped doing that in college. Now, I just party in my PJ’s on New Years Eve and start the next day like I do most days. With a mimosa. (Not really, but I wish I had that life of leisure.) 

Last year started off rocky but then got better. I learned a ton about myself this past year and I am sure that will continue. I suffered a week-long panic attack that sent me to the doctor. I thought I was dying. She assured me I wasn’t and gave me some magic beans. I got myself back together and kept rolling. Come to find out,  a lot of my girlfriends in midlife experienced something similar. So yay midlife. But I’m normal. Or as normal as I am going to be. So I think I will still be pretty badass in 2018. 

Is anyone going to host or go to a NYE party? I just want to stay home, watch Dick Clark Ryan Seacrest and snooze till the ball drops. We usually don’t make it to midnight. But I am all about my champagne with a little raspberry schnapps! Then it’s sleep all day Monday and back to the grind on Tuesday. OMG I’m turning into an old person!!!!!!!!!!

While some are making lists of resolutions for the new year, I am making a list too. But it’s a list of things I am letting go of:

  • Letting go of toxic relationships (started this last year and it’s a wonderful feeling)
  • Stop trying to fix everyone. You cannot fix stupid, idiotic or evil.
  • Stop trying to please everyone. I’ll be practicing resting bitch face a lot this year.
  • Letting go of people’s opinion of me and my beliefs. 
  • I won’t be as trusting of people until I get to know them better.
  • I won’t be giving up coffee, liquor or Netflix binges.

So there’s my New Years list. I think it’s pretty awesome. I am open to what will be coming my way. I am sending another kid to college in the fall, the older kid is graduating from college and moving back in for a while to save money, and I am hoping these transitions will go smoothly. You know they won’t and I’ll blog about the craziness.

In other news: I have a few clients that will be setting up goals for their businesses and their goals will be mine too. Love working with people who are excited about their businesses and the fact they trust me with their social media needs is pretty awesome. So I do plan for my business to be pretty busy in 2018. 

Lastly, I am very excited to get to summer. My little happy place at the beach is waiting for me and I can’t wait to go. I hate the cold, snow and ice (unless it’s in my margarita). I’ll take sweat, salt air and heat waves for $500 Alex! I also want to meet some of my new friends I have met through blogging! Hear that @coffeechatgirl? 

So that’s my New Years blog post. Pretty mundane but I’d rather bore you than lie about all my resolutions that I won’t keep. Just drive by your local gym on the 1st or 2nd. Check out how full the parking lot is. Go back in a month and half of them will not be there anymore. They will be out to lunch and cocktails. Like me…:)

OH I want to leave you with a quote from my friend. I told her that finding yourself is overrated. To which she said, “If you didn’t try to find yourself, then you wouldn’t get to experience the journey!” ~ Janet Wrenn (Thanks girl!)

Cheers Y’all!

9 thoughts on “New Year, New You & All That Crap….

  1. Magic beans, haha! I love it. I also love your list of things you are working on letting go of. I never have made resolutions, not even in college. I knew I’d never stick to them as I have never really been motivated by setting goals. However, I am very aware of the things I want to change and/or improve in my life and I am aware of things I would like to work towards this year. Some of these things are more in my control then others. However, one of the things I am hoping to improve on is putting my marriage as a priority. in 2016 we went through IVF and then in 2017 we had our baby. These major life events have taken its toll on our marriage. It’s time to rebuild that. We owe it to ourselves to do that much and to feel gult free on making date nights a priority. So, what am I doing tonight? Although my little one has a slight cold and my oldest has been in school all day…tonight I am having a date night with my husband. The anxiety about leaving them is strong and I am feeling a bit of mom guilt BUT I am also excited and anxious for some time tonight with my husband. Just my husband….so we can somehow start to reconnect. Have a wonderful year ahead! Sometimes doing our best involves just getting up facing a new day and suriving it!

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