Going on a Rant. Warning: Golden Globes and Politics as Usual.


I know. I usually write the fun stuff and I promise to throw some humor in here. But I am so over the top annoyed I  have to get it off my chest. I try to stay away from the political stuff, and I know I am risking losing some of my readers over this but I can’t keep my mouth shut today. Maybe because it’s Monday or I haven’t had my coffee yet but just hear me out on this before you break up with me!

Firstly, (Is that a word? Spell check didn’t catch it so I am going with it) What the hell was that Golden Globe thing last night? I have never nor will I ever take my moral cues from a bunch of people I watch on TV and the Movies. That’s their job and it doesn’t make them special. Not to me anyway. But the main reason I watched was because everyone was wearing black. They actually looked nice in all black. But then I felt this evilness well up inside me. I was kinda (ok I was really hopeful) wanting to see someone wearing a color. Then I was hoping  there would be a free-for-all with chairs flying and a major food fight because someone didn’t wear black. I was so taken aback when there was really at least one celeb with RED on!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited. Isn’t that terrible of me? Sorry not sorry though. Blanca Blanco was her name. I admit I had to look her up. And she did get tons of heat on social media for not wearing black. So there was that.

Then they literally rolled out Kirk Douglas to help give the award for best screenplay. At first I was like, whoa, he has aged so much but what do you expect at 101 years old. You couldn’t understand him and I thought why do this to the man. But then I remembered there was controversy about him allegedly raping Natalie Wood? Doesn’t that kind of go against tonight’s agenda at the Golden Globes? Seriously??????????

But then there was good ole Meryl Streep. In her black dress. I had a flash back of when she and many, many others gave a standing ovation for Roman Polanski. Remember he was charged with raping and abusing a 13 year old? Then he fled the US? But kept making films and getting awards and all of Hollywood supported and probably still does? I am really having a hard time with all the hypocrisy. But it is Hollywood. Land of make believe.

But there’s more. Tonya Harding got a shout out for being so brave? What the actual hell? I won’t bother to comment further. I finally had to turn it off. What do you think? Do you feel it was a little weird? I love my movies and TV shows and always will. But get it together Hollywood. For the love.

In other news: My Christmas tree is still up, I’m binge watching The Crown, My house is messy and I have a mammogram later today. But dinner is in the crockpot so that’s a WIN.

Cheers Y’all!

20 thoughts on “Going on a Rant. Warning: Golden Globes and Politics as Usual.

  1. Luckily I only have Netflix so I didn’t see the nuttiness. BUT, then we have Oprah spouting off, flapping her gums all political and shit. STFU OPRAH! And don’t even THINK about trying to be President. Gimme a break. Whew, that took it all outta me! LOL. Effing entertainers.

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  2. Whole-heartedly agree with you! I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it or give the ratings…. And I love my movies! Blanco failed to get the memo (or she waited too long to buy a dress!)

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  3. I agree. I have no desire to hear “Hollywood’s opinions” anymore. I didn’t watch last night, and wanted to start my own movement called #Notwatching. Their egos are so out of control it’s unbelievable. But as you said, the land of make believe, right? I honestly think all their hot air must be to promote a movie or something. Good point about Roman Polanski too. I wonder if Hollywood realizes that the more they pontificate, the more it affects how I see them on screen. It’s not making me want to see their movies, it’s doing just the opposite. I love Meryl Streep…the actress…not the loud mouth. And the more she postures, the less I admire her acting. I have better ways to spend my time and money, and they certainly aren’t the “moral judges” that they wish they were.

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  4. Totally — TOTALLY — agree. Honestly, yipping about equality in a dress that costs more than I make in a month — too much. A year ago, they were kicking each other out of the way to praise Weinstein, Spacey etc. now they’re not only throwing them under the bus they’re revving the engine. Hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood.

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  5. Totally get this! I didn’t watch only clips. I’m so tired of them expecting us to celebrate an award for them and having to listen to their new platform. Like the others I wonder what will be next and when this will move on.

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  6. I didn’t watch it simply because I knew there was going to be a bunch of blah blah bs on there. But now, all the news is showing clips and I’m so over these actors/reality stars that think they are God’s gift to us normal folk! Guess what, y’all wipe your a$$es the same way! I don’t put faith in anything they say. They are all glory mongers. Ugh…

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  7. Thank you for this! I also refuse to take lessons in morality from a bunch of Hollywood weirdos who play dress up for a living. I haven’t watched an awards show in years but I’ve seen clips on the news and all I can say is :::eyeroll::: 🙄

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  8. This is amazing! I didn’t watch mainly because I don’t care about their opinions. Not one of them is in touch with reality and should not weigh in on political matters. Especially when there’s too many stupid people who do really listen to them as a reliable news source. My tree is down but the whole rest of the house still has Christmas lights on.

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  9. I can’t even wrap my head around the likes of these Hollywood elites who believe it is them who know all above all. That’s exactly how they act. No wonder Hilary and Obama and so many others in political world are such great friends with these hypocrites. Harvey Weinstein making my point for me.

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