Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny Social Media Accounts for 2018


Hello Lovely Peeps!

I decided to honor a few funny people I follow on Social Media. With all the negativity on Social these days, I thought I would list my top 8 picks for 2018. They are all funny, real and awesome. If I’m having a bad day or someone pisses me off, these accounts are my go to!

I would give them all an award but that takes to much effort so they’re getting just a shoutout and the honor of being listed as some of the funniest on Midlife Margaritas blog. 🙂 I mean, who wouldn’t feel honored? It takes a lot to make me laugh. Not so much after cocktail hour though. 

Seriously, I think I may make this a yearly thing. So follow them, like them, share them and laugh with them and me. These are not in any order by the way. Just willy nilly. (Yes I am so flipping old I just typed ‘Willy Nilly’). Just click on their page names below. So here goes:

  1. Where The Eff is My Handbook. Two mom friends who keep it real. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Insta too.
  2. Snarky Breeders. Two moms from my home state of North Carolina! Don’t you just love the name? They are also on Insta and Twitter. 
  3. Rodney Lacroix. This guy is great. He’s an author and one hell of a memester! You can find him on FB, Insta, website and Twitter. 
  4. Simon Holland. Also a really funny guy. Comedian dad. You can find him on his FB page, Twitter and Insta.
  5. Julie Burton. She’s the real deal. Author, funny mom and celebrity. Find her on FB, Insta and Twitter.
  6. The Mother Octopus. This lady is not only a really funny humor blogger but her memes are stellar! She is very relatable too! You can find her on her website, FB page, Insta and Twitter.
  7. Housewife of Hell. She’s a writer and funny mom of twins! Teens even! OH MY! You can find her on FB, Twitter and Insta. 
  8. The Mom TruthBomb. This lady is pretty awesome in her meme game too. She gets parenting in the best way! Find her on FB, Website, Twitter and Insta.

SO that’s my list for 2018 of the funniest on the interwebs! I hope you enjoy. But don’t like these guys better than me! Cheers Y’all!

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