I Admit I Am a Stationeryaholic. I Love Pretty Papers & Invites.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Meaning I get paid! (How else am I going to pay for my kids to go to college?) But while I am paid, it is MY opinion of the products!  So when BasicInvite.com contacted me about doing a sponsored post I was like, duh! I did check out their online invitations before I agreed though. I love all of it!

First I have to figure out graduation announcements so I am still combing over the ones at BasicInvite.com to figure out what I want. They have some great choices. While I was checking those out I noticed all the color choices (180+) for most of their invitations. They have almost unlimited colors. You can select an invitation, add all the information to it, then view how it will look. Not happy with the color? You can change it! You can change almost all the elements of the invite to whatever color you want. I haven’t seen this with other stationery sites I have looked at. I would say BasicInvite.com has the most color options. 

Once you have your invite looking just like you want, then you can get a printed sample so you are absolutely sure how it will look and check out the paper quality before you place your order! THAT is fantastic for me. I have ordered things before only to be dissatisfied with the quality of the paper or color. So this really works for me. They also have holiday cards with foil! You can choose flat or raised foil if you want to feel fancy. 🙂

They also have 40 envelope colors. I love to match an envelope with a similar or even an opposite color of the stationery/invite. Makes me feel classy. lol All of their envelopes are the peel and stick kind! Can I tell you I HATE those companies that still do the lick and stick? NOTHING and I mean nothing is worse than a paper cut on your tongue! 

But my absolute favorite thing about BasicInvite.com is the address capturing service. You can share a link to social media to request family and friends addresses. Then the addresses will be stored in your account and can be selected when you are going through the design process. On Christmas cards there is no charge for the recipients address! (YAY)

And here is the golden ticket!!!!!!!!!! Order soon and get 15% off with the coupon code 15FF51 Who doesn’t want a discount? 

So check out our friends at BasicInvite.com and see what you think. I know for me National Margarita Day is coming up and I really need invitations to party

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