My Big Headed Kids & Empty Nest Readiness.

emptynestHellooooooooo! (Ms. Doubtfire voice)

So let’s talk empty nest readiness. Are you ready for them to GET OUT? (Amityville Horror voice). I’m sure no parent is really ready for them all to leave home for good. And to keep from crying about it I do the following: 

  1. Think of all the grocery money I’ll save
  2. Less laundry
  3. Less dust
  4. Less cooking
  5. More control over the TV remote

But then I think about how I’ll miss the lacrosse balls bouncing off the walls of their bedrooms. Their shouting as they play video games together. The thuds from upstairs when we have to yell, please stop jumping on the bed! You get it.

So it was funny that I was thinking of their graduations (both in May this year!) and how funny it would be to get those Big Head thingies to hold up when they graduate. And out of the blue this guy emailed me that he loved my blog and wanted to give me some free big heads! Ah, YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thanks Dylan at Build-A-Head for these fun things! I called my friend Susan (aka the Louise to my Thelma) and we did a fun photo shoot with the heads. We were laughing so hard. We look liked children in my front yard and I am sure the neighbors were watching and judging. lol So, check it out!


When I’m missing them at dinner time, I can just pop in the heads and we can have a nice family dinner!


There’s Louise helping hold up the heads. I made her get under the table and I can’t tell you the last time I swept that floor. My black lab was under there too wondering what the hell was going on.


Oh No!!! They got locked out of the house! Should I let them in or send them home with Louise? She actually cooks for her kids, but I know how to order a badass pizza!


Let’s go for a car ride boys! Who’s calling “shotgun”? Look at the side view mirror and you can see Louise squatting down the side of my car. You can literally hear people opening their windows to see if I was being car-jacked. lol


Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!! When I am feeling all alone on a car trip I can just pop in the heads and we can sing to the radio at the top of our lungs all the way to the beach! Don’t we look so happy?


Or we can make it a family trip with Thelma and Louise! Who knows were we will end up. Hopefully not off a cliff! (Yes we are insane).


On the weekends we can nap on the couches and watch movies! Looks like I get all the popcorn to myself!

So, you gotta love the Big Heads. They will certainly help me during my empty nest emotions. And at graduation, I think they will make another appearance! Did I hear you say I have too much time on my hands? You may be right, I may be crazy. (Billy Joel singing).

Cheers Y’all!

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