Facebook Fake News & Fake People


Is it just me? Do you get annoyed with people’s fakeness on social media like I do? No one can possibly  have a perfect life, spouse, kids, pets, job…. right? Why can’t people just be real? Why is it always Fake News? (‘Dirty Laundry’ by Don Henley plays in background)

I mean we all know that person who is always posting about how wonderful their life is and how ‘blessed’ they are. But are they? Are they happy and blessed? Or are they wanting us to believe that while they sit crying at their computer as the baby has colic, the husband (or wife) is having an affair, the dog is throwing up in the next room and yet they just posted: “Going to the park today with the little angel!” and a picture of a smiling baby from last weekend at the park. Then another post of a smiling family selfie on the beach with the post, “Fun day at the beach with my wonderful husband and baby! I am so blessed!” Then 2 weeks later you find out they are in talks with lawyers and are getting divorced. 

Tragic as it is, just be real. If your life is a mess, then tell it! Say you are about to lose your shit over the screaming toddler and would love it if someone came over with a box of wine. It works! I have asked for booze and cupcakes and it shows up with good friends and I feel so much better after. You caught your spouse cheating? Tell it! Post pics of them and go on a rant. Your friends will have your back and your ex will be miserable. 🙂 

Or… Don’t post anything. If you don’t want people to know your dirty laundry, then keep it to yourself. BUT don’t give us Fake News either. We see through it. Well most of us anyway. 

Other people who annoy me on Social Media, the person who answers all posts with a lol or laughing face emoji. Never says anything though. It’s like they can’t be bothered to interact. It’s called Social Media for a reason dumbass.

Oh another favorite annoyance, INVITES. People who invite you to all kinds of pages and groups like nail polish, oils, leggings, etc. You know what I mean. While I may love the people who send them, I hate the invites. But you have a cocktail party and I will be there. I will “like” that invite and share it all day long! But if I can’t buy it on Amazon, I don’t need it.

Here’s a goodie. The person who has 5 thousand friends. Bitch, please. You don’t know 5 thousand people. You just friend all your friend’s friends. Or random strangers. This is so sad. It’s like you need to have people believe you are popular. Um, the high school kids left Facebook ten years ago. You need to go with them over to Snapchat. 

Finally there is the shit-stirrer. They post crap they know will create drama then sit back to watch the shit show unfold. THIS is a bad person. They want the world to end so they can say they started it. They pit friends against friends and strangers against each other. This person will say, “we need to have this conversation”. Nope, crazy moron, we do not. We need to block you and report you as Fake News!

So my rant this week is all about people who just can’t be real. I’m in my midlife as are most of my readers and friends. We don’t need this stuff anymore. People our age need to act like they have some sense and they have a real life that’s not always butterflies and unicorns. It’s ok not to be perfect. Remember those girls in high school that you thought were perfect? Find them on Facebook and you will see they haven’t changed and they are miserable. They’ve created minions that act just like they did in high school. Very sad. 

Well, rant over. Going to have my afternoon mimosa and enjoy this perfect day with my perfect hubby and dog while my perfect children are out saving the world. 🙂

Cheers Y’all!


5 thoughts on “Facebook Fake News & Fake People

  1. Or…some people’s lives really are pretty happy, and their social media stories reflect that. Why should that make people bitter? Or…people choose to use their social media as a place to only share their highlights and successes with others, and they prefer to keep the crumbs in their private lives. Or…people would like to share the less-perfect moments, too, but not necessarily in a place where Aunt Mildred or old frenemies or their children might read them. I prefer to choose understanding over annoyance.

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