College Spring Break Ain’t For The Weak Hearted.


As I am writing this my fingers are still numb from an earlier lacrosse game where it was below 40 degrees and I froze my A@@ off. But I love my kids! I’m on my second cup of coffee and scalded my tongue so now you know how my day is going. AND it’s the last few days of my college kids spring break and he will be headed back to campus. It’s been an interesting week to say the least. I’m sure a lot of you can relate if your kids are in college.

No, Thing 1 didn’t do the usual go to the beach or a trip with his buds for spring break. Why? Because recently he showed up at my house with a new puppy. It was free he said. To which I said, “nope, nothing is free dude”. So he stayed with us to take care of the puppy which will remain at my house until Thing 1 graduates in a few months. Then who knows what will happen. Did I mention we already have a dog? A 15-year-old elderly black lab with no love for a puppy. The puppy thinks it’s fun to chase the older dog around and try to attack him. Older dog looks at me like, what the hell mom?! I am pretty sure my older dog now needs anxiety medication.

So we have this puppy. Thing 1 is coaching a middle school lacrosse team so he is out doing that during the week. Thing 2 is not on spring break yet so he is in school during the day and Big Daddy and I are exhausted. lol There is clothing and dog toys all over my house, plus laptops and gaming consoles because my kids and their friends are addicted to the game Fortnite. (Google it if your kids don’t know about it yet.) Laundry has doubled and I haven’t made it to the grocery store all week. (Thing 2 can’t understand why there is no food in the house, because surely I have time to shop.) It’s all chaos this week. But that’s ok because I know the week will end and there will be some order restored. At least I know where my college kid is spending his days. That’s a good thing.

I feel bad for the parents whose kids are doing the spring break trip somewhere on the coast or some other spring break destination etc. You may see bits and pieces of what’s happening via social media. Let’s hope you don’t see it on the 11 o’clock news or on some TMZ show. Do you remember your spring break? We didn’t have phone-cameras back then and now we can’t even remember all we did. I still have flashbacks though. Yikes!

In just a few short months I will have one graduating college and going off to work in the real world and one graduating high school and headed to college where I can start worrying over that everyday. But if they all are home at some point, whether it be spring break or just a weekend, I will be thankful to have them all under my roof, safe and sound. You can only hope all the work you did raising them over the last 18 years has instilled some moral and values in them and that they retained some of that. You hope they are making good choices but learning valuable life lessons that won’t get them thrown in jail or worse. 

So I’ll take spring break and a new puppy. One day I’ll get a vacation of my own for just me and Big Daddy. Maybe the kids will worry what we are up too. Maybe I will post a little of our fun on social media. Maybe not…

Cheers Y’all!

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