Soon to be Empty Nesters. And We Can’t Wait!


Thing 1 & 2 will graduate high school/college in May. We will officially be empty nesters and we can’t wait! But hold up. I’m getting the stink eye from people over my enthusiasm. Why can’t I be excited? I’m not judging you for being upset that your babies are leaving home. Why can’t we all just get along? 

You know I have actually seen a few momma birds in my lifetime that have pushed their chirping baby from the nest. Some flew away and some hit the ground with a thud. But the truth is those babies have to leave. Maybe it’s the non-stop chirping or the little ones are eating all the worms and none are left for daddy bird or maybe it’s just time for the little birdies to fly on to bigger things and make momma and daddy bird proud. Even if they end up “jail birds” we will still love them. But they have to go. 

The nest will be more spacious, less clutter and trash, quieter and cleaner. Until the baby birds return as grown ups with the grand babies. But hopefully they will just visit for a weekend then fly away again. Think of all the things you can do as an empty nester. Vacation anywhere you want, eat meals at the Cafeteria and no one will complain, watch what you want on TV and no more Sponge Bob or Bob’s Burgers…. Less money to shell out, no one borrowing your car and returning it with no gas…

I know it will be bittersweet. I WILL miss them. We have so much fun everyday. They make me laugh from my toes and we have real heart to heart talks, we watch scary movies together because Big Daddy hates them and won’t watch with me. But I am so excited to see their lives begin to change and see the men they are becoming. I can’t wait to see how they handle life and what will be thrown at them and I will be there when needed. So yes, I am a tiny bit sad but I am more excited to see where they fly.

Stop judging moms. We are all different. And that is a good thing. Quit giving me the stink eye and thinking I am a terrible mom for being excited and a little selfish about our upcoming empty nest. While I will miss some things, I will NEVER miss hearing, “what’s for dinner”. Never. lol

Cheers Y’all!


14 thoughts on “Soon to be Empty Nesters. And We Can’t Wait!

  1. We have become accustomed to the empty nest here, two years down the line and life is great! I must confess I was ready for my son to move out, few understood me actively encouraging him at the time. But he needed to stretch his wings! Embrace the freedoms and cherish the visits!!

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  2. YES YES YES!!!! I’m a single mom of one daughter. We’ve been just the two of us since she’s 2 years old. I was traumatized thinking about what would happen to me when she left. Surprise surprise…. she left and I have found myself again!! I’m having a blast!! Being social… coming and going when I want…. no planning of dinners or someone complaining about said dinners…. traveling when I feel like it to where I feel like it on my own schedule. It’s AWESOME!!! Good luck to you!!!

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