Best Ideas for End of Year Teacher Gifts. May or May Not be Appropriate.


It’s almost time! The end of the year for traditional schools. I have to say that because now days we have all kinds of schools and no one knows how to keep up with all of them. Remember when you saw a kid out during the school day and you KNEW that kid was skipping school? Now you have no idea. They could be homeschooled, year-round, tracked-out etc. Things are way to complicated these days.

You know what’s not complicated? End of year gifts for teachers! I have a great list of gifts. Disclaimer: check with your school principal if you are unsure these gifts might get you in trouble. If your kid is graduating like mine is, who cares! lol (Just kidding if anyone from my kid’s school is reading this!)

First of all, remember that these teachers have put up with your kid for a long time. Even if there were track outs or breaks, it wasn’t enough for that teacher to rest up from your kid. Oh, your kid is an angel? Ok Sandy, if you say so girl. Here’s my perfect teacher gift list:

  1. Alcohol. It speaks for itself. It says, “you need this more than me after all you’ve been through this year.” Don’t be cheap either. Case of beer (not a six-pack) and it needs to be high dollar like Stella or something. How about a bottle of Champagne? Most of us need to go with Dom Perignon. Yes it’s over a hundred dollars but think of all the times you had to rest up and clean your house or lunch with friends while some poor teacher listened to your kid talk about his Fortnight score?
  2. Cold Hard Cash. You know what teachers make right? Hardly anything. I mean most have two jobs or a roommate to help pay the rent. They drive crappy cars and have TV dinners most nights. Cough up some cash parents! If your kids left the school year much smarter than you ever imagined, you best send a card with at least a hundred bucks!
  3. Monogrammed Anything. Show that teacher you know how to splurge. Hit your local Hallmark store and get them any gift that is monogrammable. Pillowcases, shirts, luggage, shoes…whatever!
  4. Margarita Glasses. This is a must for any teacher. Make sure they are hand painted with something like “Thank a Teacher” etc. Include a bucket of mix and a bottle of Tequila too. 
  5. Spa Day. Nothing says “I love you teacher” like an entire day at a spa. Facial, body massage, mani/pedi, new haircut/color and spray tan. This gift is awesome especially if you have another child moving up to that teachers class!
  6. Catered Lunch. This gift is best if your child has more than one teacher. Have a local catering company deliver and serve lunch to the teachers. Linen tablecloths, real silver etc. 

So don’t be “that parent” that sends in a craft made by your kid or a coffee mug, T-shirt that says “Teaching is my Passion”. Be real and know the value of your child’s teacher. Just so you know, there is a famous teacher (Gerry Brooks) that can help you with a few other gift suggestions. Here’s a little video:

Cheer’s Y’all!

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