May is a Bitch.


Let’s chat. It’s May 2018 and I am so over it already. Is May super busy for everybody? Seems like every May I can’t get my shit together. Not that I usually have it together but mostly I have it halfway together. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. This is the month of school ending and two kids graduating within weeks of each other. (One college and one high school) Family coming to visit and celebrations everywhere. So. flipping. busy.

The worst of this month was having to put our sweet boy dog Bailey to sleep. More on that in another post because I can’t even think about him without getting all emotional and blubbery. I haven’t even vacuumed yet because I don’t want to lose his little tufts of black hair floating around in tiny tumbleweeds in my house. (Don’t judge, we all grieve in our own way.)

This blog is my fun, creative outlet of truth and honesty about my life. It keeps me sane in a very insane world. BUT, my sweet Thing 2 who is graduating from high school this month, said to me that my memes on social media are all so 2012 and people are going to think I have serious drinking problem. Smartass. He turns 18 this month and thinks he knows everything. Let him make fun of me. I pay his phone and gas bills. I could cut him off at the knees if he keeps making fun of me. And for the record, I don’t have a drinking problem, unless I run out…

My college grad is moving back home for a while and has a JOB! Yay! He is becoming a real grown ass man. It will certainly make for new blog material while he lives at home. Once he starts to figure out how adulting really sucks. Can’t wait!

Hubby and I are so exhausted and we spend all of our free time on our deck drinking cocktails and bitching about how crazy people are and how less funny the world has become. We used to love SNL but I am over all the jokes being about politicians. Same on the news, late night shows and everyday conversation with friends. Remember when we used to laugh at corny jokes about everyday people? Wake me up with that returns. Even other bloggers are over the top political. I just want to be entertained! I want laugh from my toes again. 

Ok I have ranted enough. Thanks for reading the blog today. I hope to be back to my fun sarcastic self soon. Hell, I just need a vacation!

Cheer’s Y’all!

6 thoughts on “May is a Bitch.

  1. My sympathies regarding your pet. You do have a stressful month! I was stressing over one grad much less two! Hang in there – don’t wish time away. Its a precious commodity!

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  2. I am so sorry about your loss. In more ways than one, here, you have a lot of changes going on. Be kind to yourself and before long you’ll be having happy toes again! In fact, treat yourself to a pedicure. We all know Summer is coming and brightly painted toes go well with any shade of margarita. I’m right there with you about non political humor. Hugs

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