Vacation with the Family 2018. Part II

Well, my family vaca is coming to an end. We have a day left before I head home bitter and depressed. How do people say vacations rejuvenate and refresh them? Is that possible? I mean how do you feel good about leaving paradise to go back to the grind. I mean yes I love my life but why can’t I love my life 24/7 from the beach? Ugh. Anyhoo…. Here’s a little recap since I last posted.

We had major storms and it was awesome! I mean I love a good beach storm! However this one knocked out the elevators. So my fat ass had to walk up several flights of stairs. I have now harassed management to get that fixed. That’s my cardio for the month y’all.

No major suntan. I used to get as brown as a biscuit when I was young. Now it’s maybe a sunburn and my legs stay white. What’s up with these ladies who wear full make-up and lipstick on the beach? Seriously? Oh and watching the younger moms chasing toddlers till they are exhausted, I feel ya young moms. I was once there. Now I just sit back and maybe I’ll see my kids at dinner. Maybe not. As long as they show up to carry my luggageback and forth to the car, I’m good. 

Tattoos. I mean I get it. Everyone has them. But if you’re going to do it, please let a professional do it. What I have seen this summer on the beach is just scary. It’s like a bunch of these girls got a Groupon for a tattoo place and designed their own tats. Bad decisions are everywhere!

All in all it’s been great. Fun with my family, celebrating my parents 57 anniversary, lots of sun, great storms and dinners out. Lots of relaxing. Here’s a picture of some of the gang we hang with playing Bocce ball: 


Just a few more from the week:

That’s pretty much it for now. Thanks for reading about my vacation. I know you have better things to do. lol But for more fun and pictures, you can always find Midlife Margaritas on Facebook! Click Here To Go To My Facebook Page

Cheer’s Y’all!

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