Vacation with the Family 2018. Part I


Sweet Baby Jesus we made it to the beach! It’s about 4 hours of driving to get here but we do it every year and it is so worth it. We meet up with my parents most years and enjoy “family” time. Usually we are all still speaking by the end of the week. 

I grew up spending each summer at Holden Beach, NC. I have the best memories there. I always knew when I had kids I wanted to have a beach tradition of our own for my kids to build memories too. So we have been coming to our little slice of heaven each year here at North Myrtle Beach, SC. The kids have built strong friendships each summer and memories they can cherish for a lifetime. 

But there is always the dreaded “Grocery Store Run”. Yep, after we get to the condo and unpack, we head to the grocery store to get as much as we can so we don’t have to come back often. We are already tired, cranky and now we are going to fight the crowd at the beach grocery store. Kill. Me. Now. Of course my dad stays behind and it’s me, my mom, Big Daddy (hubby) and a kid or two. There are multiple carts to be filled and I just want it over. 

Seems there is no real good time to go to the store where it’s not so busy. It’s always busy! And with the amount of tourists and drunks there is no end in sight of rude people. People who won’t get out-of-the-way for you to pass them, people who snatch at items just as you are reaching for them and the longest lines ever. It’s all I can do not to run someone down with the cart. The one I always get, with the squeaky wheel that veers to the right no matter what. This week some guy on a scooter tried to run my mother down. I’m pretty sure she asked if he had a license to drive it. lol

We made it out and headed to the condo. Relaxed and ready to enjoy our week! But we forgot salt and pepper. Eggs are not good without it. So we are already starting a list for the next run…..

Wi-Fi is very iffy here but I want to share with you when I can. I know you all are on pins and needles to live through me on my vacation. lol I am actually in the lobby of the condo hunting down the strongest Wi-Fi signals. During a massive thunderstorm. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Cheers Y’all!

5 thoughts on “Vacation with the Family 2018. Part I

  1. Sounds awesome, even with the grocery store!! We go to N. Myrtle Beach every year too!! We’re missing this year though which is totally bumming me out. We tend to bring a TON of food with us so that the grocery store run isn’t as brutal. lol In any case, have fun!!!

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  2. Is there a take-out restaurant nearby? Usually you can tap into their salt & pepper give-aways for free. That’s what we do. Even mustard, ketchup and mayo. Buy a sandwich there if you feel guilty.
    Have fun!

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