11 Weird Things That Happen During Menopause


Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Menopause, you find out some pretty weird stuff. I put together a little list of weird things I have either experienced or someone I know has. Now I’m no doctor, but if you have questions, you might want to call one. Because my response will be, “drink 2 margaritas and call me in the morning.” HA

  1. Disappearing Eyebrows: I have noticed my left eyebrow has just up and disappeared. I never had a lot of hair anyway and never had to pluck or have them waxed. But I damn sure didn’t think I would wake up one day and have half a brow! I could draw it on but by mid-day I would sweat it off and scare kids and animals everywhere I went. So I just deal with it. Maybe if I rub some Rogaine on it?
  2. Weird Rashes: Not much to say here. I just know there are weird rashes that can pop up anywhere on your body and the doctor will probably say it’s just menopause because they really have no idea. Unless you have measles or something like that. But it could be shingles. OMG, now I am worried!
  3. Bloating: No I didn’t say go boating, I said bloating. You know, when you are feeling pregnant but you know you’re not. When you can’t even hold your tummy in and you seriously are considering a tummy tuck. They say exercise will help this. Um, ok.
  4. Becoming Crazy: Huh. Just when I thought everyone else was crazy I found out it was me. You start to lose your mind and scream at inanimate objects or you can’t find your keys (they are in your hand) or you use your phone’s flash light app to find your phone under the couch. Yep, crazy. Oh and when you start to spell simple words and then you have to google it because it doesn’t look right? You are now crazy.
  5. Anxiety: I already had an anxiety issue and menopause cranked that up about 500 knots. I spent an entire week on my couch because I was so convinced I was dying or having a heart attack. My hubby finally took me to the doctor who told me I was NOT crazy and just suffering the menopausal anxiety attacks. I’m on meds now so the world is safe for the time being.
  6. Your Vagina or Other Organs Fall Out: Wait, whaaaaaaaaa? YEP. I was told my cervix was loose and if I felt like it was coming out to get to the ER right away. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????? Then someone told me their intestines came out during menopause. STOP THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most disturbing symptom ever. I swear if anything starts to fall out, I will have all my insides removed except what I absolutely have to have to live. FOR THE LOVE!
  7. Eye and Muscle Twitches: This one is a no brainer. My family sees my eye twitch and they run. But the leg twitches at night are so annoying. Someone told me to drink pickle juice. Nope. A shot of Jägermeister helps though. (Or so I’ve heard).
  8. Heat Intolerance: Now I am a summer girl for sure. I used to walk or ride a bike in 100 degree weather and 100% humidity. Now not so much. I would still rather be a little warm than cold. But if it’s 85 or above I need AC or an ice bath. I feel like I will die if it’s really hot. 
  9. Confusion: (See #4 too). Sometimes a person may tell me something and I have this confused look on my face and have to have them explain again. Like the one time my girlfriend said, “let’s go get a salad for lunch” and I was like, “I’m not sure I heard that right, can you repeat it?” Or I’m driving to work and end up at Target instead. So confusing…
  10. Weird Dreams: We’ve all had weird dreams but lately they have been beyond weird. Like the one where my  husband keeps trying to leave me and I kill him and bury in the basement. But the weird thing is we don’t have a basement? I know right!
  11. Road Rage: Ok I admit this is just something I was born with. Could just be hereditary but it has gotten worse. I don’t like chase anyone down or threaten anyone except inside my car with the windows up. But if those windows are ever down by accident? Well hopefully someone will show up with the bail money. 

These are just a few fun things to look for during menopause. I am sure they don’t happen to everyone but, keep an eye out. Join a wine  support group, or talk with your girlfriends. If everyone else looks at you funny, talk to a doctor. But remember, this too shall pass and if you can laugh, you can live through it! 

Cheers Y’all!

25 thoughts on “11 Weird Things That Happen During Menopause

  1. OMG! My anxiety level is a 10, but its okay, my meds are calming ME down.
    1. Two Faced eyebrow pencil is great 2. Got the shingles already while in my 40’s it was painful. Get the shot! 3. I’ve been bloated since my second child but now this age is terrible – I know loose weight or walk that is what the doc says (grrrr) 4. I think my husband is trying to make me think I am crazy and I am not! 5. My doctor has me doing everything to prevent anxiety and they don’t understand I have 2 kids and a needy husband, 2 dogs and a rabbit (Meds are best) 6. What the H – the only thing that needs to fall out of me is FAT (now I am anxious with that info) 7. I think I am just going to do botox – I’ve tried the banana and the other crap – people think I am winking 8. Hot – my house is on 71 and I am burning alive!!! 9. I cannot keep straight anything unless it is between 2-3 am then I am extremely alert and hot 10. I don’t know why the dreams either but I would like Kevin Costner to come back to my dream and stop dreaming I am forgetting to pick up one of my kids from somewhere 11. I drive like the old woman you see on the road who doesn’t know where she is supposed to stop
    I NEED HELP NOW!!! Thank you for letting me know I am not alone but now I am worried about the stuff falling out.

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  2. Awesome observations! I do urge you if you haven’t already to have your thyroid levels checked. Losing eyebrows is a classic symptom of hypothyroidism. Getting that in check helps a lot of the other “symptoms” of menopause also.


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  3. Yes to all of that apart from the road rage as I don’t drive. But I did have a bout of trolley rage with someone in the supermarket yesterday. I would never, ever dreamed of doing that before. I would have apologised even though I wasn’t at fault. I quite like it!

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  4. Thank you! This was spot on, especially about the dreams. Thanksgiving my aunt asked me a question, had her repeat it three times before I could comprehend. Its good to know I’m not alone in this.

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