Back To School/College Humor


It’s that time of year again. Or maybe your kids are already back in school. Whether you have a kindergartener, high schooler or even a college kid (like me), the first day can be terrifying for moms or maybe a big relief! Kids suffer anxiety or maybe they are just happy to be away from mom & dad! Either way it will all be ok and a new normal will form. 

Me, I have Thing 2 going off to college. He’s headed to (Wilmington, NC) at the beach. (Can’t imagine why he choose that huh?) I’m super excited for his new chapter in life and a little sad as Big Daddy and I will now be empty nesters. But I am also going to celebrate MY new chapter! Laundry will be a lot less, I will save money on food and gas, no more bedrooms that look like they exploded… I know you feel me! So sit back, get your cocktail ready and check out a few funnies I found out there to celebrate the first day!!!!!!

tweet1tweet2tweet3tweet4tweet5Mom Keshia Gardner's Epic Back-to-School Photo

**This is from Keshia Gardner on Facebook. It went viral and I still love it!


*This one was posted on my MM Facebook page. Asking if that was me in the pool! lol It’s Jena Willingham and she hilariously did this I think last year? It’s great! lol

And finally, one of my favorite Southern Mommas in Carpool Line on the first day of school!

Enjoy and Cheers Y’all!


4 thoughts on “Back To School/College Humor

  1. We loved Wilmington when we lived in N.C….. good choice Thing 2!
    Love that first picture. Reminds me of the ad for (Staples? Office Max?) where they played, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” Xmas music for back to school.
    But yeah, a mini bar at Old Navy is da bomb.

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