It’s November and I Don’t Feel the Christmas Cheer.


Bah Humbug!

Is it wrong that I have zero desire to buy gifts for anyone this year? Anyone else feel this way? I mean I could do it all online and it would be easy peasy and all that but I don’t even want to do that. It’s not that I don’t love my friends and family but I am not in the “spirit” of the season at all. 

First, since we have the grand puppy living with us and he is eating everything including the siding on the house, I know I won’t be able to decorate this year. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind not decorating. No dragging boxes from the shed and vacuuming up fake tree needles everyday or finding that one f’ing light that is keeping ALL the lights on the tree from working. Or the fact that I decorate and no one ever comes over to see my Christmas wonderland. But it’s not helping my non-Christmas attitude.

Oh Christmas cards! I totally just now thought about them. I love to send those out but I haven’t gotten and good pics of my kids to be able to create them to send out. Maybe I’ll do New Years Cards or just wait till next year. But then, will people not send me any? I always feel like people only send cards to me if they get one from me. Like I’m not on their priority list anyway. Ugh.

I am pretty sure my family will be grateful they don’t have to help decorate the house/tree. Usually the boys screw around, break some ornaments and complain they need to be somewhere else. I hope their future kids do the same thing to them. 

So gifts. Should I just give everyone 5 bucks and call it a day? I know, I know. It’s not about the gifts. It’s about the Baby Jesus and the Parades. Family gathering together and smiling and laughing together and taking fun family photos. Ugh. The thought of all that is nauseating. My parents will tell me to be nice to the relatives and not to be a smart ass. I’m 52 years old and my parents are still telling me how to behave. Someone will constantly ask me how many drinks I’ve had and maybe I should “tone it down” a bit. I promise you this, one day I am going to write one hella book on my family. I’ve been in talks with lawyers on how to not get sued over a tell-all book. 

So back to gifts. My kids would be fine with money. My husband gets his usual “once a year” gift and that makes him happy. My parents always say, “don’t get us anything. We have all we need. :)” You know they don’t mean it. My grandmother is turning 98. What the hell do you give a 98-year-old woman for Christmas? Lotion and breath mints?

My work staff think I am made of money so they will actually give me that look of “oh this is nice” if I give them something they think isn’t expensive. So ungrateful. My favorite store clerk at the liquor store says to give everyone little bottles of Fireball and everyone will be happy. He might be on to something. 

So there you have it. I might not give out gifts, cards or money. I might just make everyone feel bad that they aren’t celebrating the holiday for the right reasons. I may make a suggestion that the entire family needs therapy to learn to appreciate me and all I do for the family. 

What do I want for Christmas? Just some peace and quiet. And for people all over the country to be nice. Just be freaking nice to each other. Stop being assholes and thinking they are better than everyone else and just be nice. Is that too much to ask for?

Cheer’s Y’all!


17 thoughts on “It’s November and I Don’t Feel the Christmas Cheer.

  1. Gosh, Xmas is overrated with all the gifts and money spending and commercialism. I may buy us a set of tickets for a new museum, bake some cookies with one of the kids to give as gifts to others, and call it a day. Last thing I need is more stuff coming into this house… 😉

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  2. We’re moving December 14. We’re keeping it simple. Moved last year December 22. We kept it simple. I’m voting not moving in 2019 and keeping it simple. We have budgets and stick to them. Cards sparsely go out. My beloved used to send lots of cards. Then I rubbed off on him. We do the Angel Card Project and an outreach usually for homeless women. I’m good with that. Not commercial around here. I’d rather spend time loving and not buying. We will have a tree because it’s tiny and plug in and go.

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  3. Ha ha! Love ❤️ I announced earlier this year that we wouldn’t be buying gifts for anyone. Nobody needs anything. The adult children might get a gift-card.
    Regarding your parents telling you what to do—and counting your drinks…
    If I had a dollar every time my family told me to tone it down, I could buy several more margaritas. I think we might be sisters?

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  4. You’re my soul sister this year.
    I was always a HUGE Christmas person. There wasn’t anything that stood still that wasn’t decorated. Everyone received awesome, thoughtful gifts. The card list was epic and included people we’d only met once with handwritten, personal notes in each. I cooked for days on end and had parties as well as family dinners. Then…. my mother died, the in laws started fighting, friends were complaining and I wondered, what the hell am I doing this for if no one is happy? So for the past 3 years? Nada. No dinners, no parties, only special gifts for special people. The card list was shredded and if you don’t send us one.. you’re off. Wreaths on the windows with candles on the sills. That’s it. We travel and don’t even get a tree. It was strange that first year… but you know what? I love it. No fuss, no stress, no bitching. I highly recommend it.

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