Midlife Friends & Mayhem


This past weekend, Susan and I had a staycation at my house. Who is Susan? She is Louise to my Thelma, Lucy to my Ethel. She is my partner in crime especially on vacations and shopping. She is supposed to be my blog partner but she can’t even turn on a computer. Currently she is having trouble with her iPhone so we might need to visit an Apple store to get that worked out because she can’t remember her passwords. On anything. So she is my not-so-silent silent partner. Are you getting the picture?

So Big Daddy and Thing 1 went to Pennsylvania for a football weekend and Susan left her family to stay with me. (Just FYI, she lives literally 2 minutes from my house.) We started out our Friday night at a steak house for dinner. We met the sweetest, cutest waiter. I was afraid we had scared him but when he brought out our food, he grabbed my and Susan’s hand and said, “Let’s Pray!” and he blessed our food. He also thanked God for bringing us into his life that night because he wasn’t having such a great day until we showed up. Needless to say, Susan and I were shocked. First, we have never had a waiter bless our food and then to pray a Thank You? About us?!

That’s what it’s all about Y’all. Being Thankful. And being humble enough for someone to be thankful for us. It sure changed our night too. That’s a shout-out to Curtis!

I’m definitely thankful for all my friends. But in midlife, you start to hone in on your “tribe”. You know who is real and you know who is not. You figure out what friends will be there for you for life and those that were just with you for a season. Susan is lifer. She shares the same sense of humor as me (weird, quirky and sarcastic). And we fuss like sisters. One difference is that she likes to shop and I just like to get in, get it and get gone. So shopping with Susan is like nailing Jello to a tree. We usually drive separately so I can leave before the stores close. One time after lunch we went shopping. I did my thing and left her still shopping 30 minutes later. 9:30 that night, she texted to tell me she had just gotten home. Sweet baby Jesus!

The most fun of the weekend was watching scary movies and watching my grand dog fall in love with Susan. He’s still a pup and pretty wild. But the bonding was so cute. Until he tried to make her his bitch. At one point Susan is screaming, “HELP! He’s raping me!” and I laughed till I peed a little while trying to get my camera to focus for some great pictures. lol. I am pretty sure that neither Susan nor I could ever run for public office. Damn social media.


Our staycation was more of that and then some. We didn’t even have any cocktails! But we laughed the entire 3 days. Ladies, we all need this. Guys need their weekend golf trips, hunting or fishing trips and the ladies need the girl time. Cocktails and laughter with a side of mozzarella sticks.

Apologies to Denny’s, Target, Dante’s, Outback and Tuesday Morning. Sorry we shopped to long and took pictures of each other and bothered other shoppers. We can’t help ourselves.


Cheer’s Y’all!

7 thoughts on “Midlife Friends & Mayhem

  1. I love this! My best friend since junior high and I would be like you two. I do not like shopping, but I like coffee and I would get coffee and a cookie (when we lived in Wilmington) and sat in the middle of the mall while my daughter shopped with her friend. It was so much fun just watching people and talking to those who sat near me. I especially loved talking to the teens and hearing their take on life.

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      1. My mother and I had the best time observing. She and daddy did that, as well, when newlyweds with 2 little boys. They would sit in the car in a busy area of California and watch people. Kids and all. Aah the simple life.

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