The Night Before Christmas and all Through the House….There was NO Tree in my House!


This year there will be no Christmas tree in my house. I am no Scrooge or against holiday cheer, it’s just we have a “situation” this year. We no longer can have nice things, including Christmas trees and decorations. Our furniture is going to crap, Our counters and table tops are bare and everything is locked up in cabinets.

We have a puppy.

He is all of 10 months old and 70 pounds. He thinks he is a lap dog and that he owns the house and we are his slaves. He is super curious and eats everything or at least tries too. He recently pooped out a nickel and a foot long ribbon! He has eaten the siding off the back of the house, windowsills inside and part of the hard wood kitchen floor. 

Did I mention he is not our dog? Yep, Thing 1 is living the life in a house where the landlord doesn’t allow pets. Yay. So the sucker I am, said we’ll keep him for you till you move! (I must have been black out drunk!)

We did put out wreaths on the front porch so we don’t look like we hate Christmas. But I didn’t even bother with Christmas cards this year! Have I finished shopping yet? NOPE. But I did put money in the kettle at the grocery store for the Salvation Army. So I did accomplish a little holiday cheer. 

I love my kids, and the dog. But sweet baby Jesus, help me get through this toddler stage with the puppy. 

Did I mention that our oven, fridge and dishwasher went out on us? So no baking cookies for Santa this year either! And Merry Christmas to us! I guess I’m just on Santa’s black list or something. 

So for all you peeps out there with pets and you can’t put up a tree this year, we can all try again next year. For. The. Love.

And here he is:


And here’s the lap dog with his daddy:


Cheers Y’all!

6 thoughts on “The Night Before Christmas and all Through the House….There was NO Tree in my House!

  1. Oh no, what a situation with the dog and your appliances! I understand the challenge with pets. Every year i get stressed out about the tree because of our two cats!

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