I’m One Tired Mother Trucker.

Merry Christmas

Less than two weeks from Christmas. I feel like I should be happy and joyous and singing Jingle Bells off-key like every year. But, alas, I am a tired mother f#(ker. As I type this my coffee is almost gone and now I am just a wide-awake sleepy momma.

I had the dog on my bed earlier and he was being so sweet on the bed lying next to me. I fell asleep and then I woke up and he had my sock in his mouth. Dude, I’m running out of socks.

Peeps, I know some of you are tired too. Kids are sick, snotty and whiney. Clothes are everywhere. Dog has pooped in the house, vomited or both. Internet is probably out and Netflix won’t work and the kids have no idea how to entertain themselves without Wi-Fi. You just want a nap, a cocktail and some mozzarella sticks. (wait, that might be me).

The presents still aren’t wrapped, the tree ornaments keep moving in groups on the tree and the needles are dropping like flies in the apocalypse. Peeps, I feel ya. I am tired too. 

My oldest had knee surgery the other day. Lacrosse injury from a few years ago. I was fine till the doc said we needed to ice the knee 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off. So I said, “through the night too?” and he looked at me like I was mother of the freaking year. For. The. Love. He said the more often the better. So we got home and agreed to 2-3 hours instead of every 30 minutes. Still tired though. 

Hubby came home sickly this morning. Seems his bronchitis has returned. (Man Flu). So he’ll be on drugs too. Youngest is coming home later this week from stressing and finishing up his final exams at college. That means more cooking and laundry. I am tired as a mother.

But the snow is melting, we have Wi-Fi, and Netflix. My new fridge and stove is here. Dishwasher on the way. (Obviously that all means no Christmas gifts to wrap because all the money went to appliances). We can’t really complain. We have each other. I have great kids and a wonderful hubby and a dog that wasn’t meant to win my heart over. But he did. And I’m still tired as a mother.

So to all you parents out there struggling through the holiday for whatever reason, I know you too are tired as a mother. And that’s ok. I bet Mary was tired from all that donkey riding to give birth to Baby Jesus. We will get through it and it will all be worth it. But in the meantime can I get a back rub, cocktail and some cheese? 

Jingle Jingle,

Missy @ Midlife Margaritas

5 thoughts on “I’m One Tired Mother Trucker.

  1. I hear ya! I’m just not in the mood. Each year my holiday cheer wanes just a bit more. I have none at all this year, but I’m guessing that has to do with losing my father-in-law earlier this year. Our tree isn’t even up and I really don’t want to bother. My youngest keeps asking when we’ll decorate, so I might just bring up the 3 foot tree and let him decorate it.

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