The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.


I’ve heard it so many times. “Is this all there is?”

Midlifers in distress. Thinking way to much about the end years. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings! If you are saying to yourself, “Is this all there is”, you aren’t alone. I hear it so often. I have even said it myself a few times. But I have the answer. NO. This is NOT all there is. There is so much more.

Midlifers are transitioning. Maybe your kids are all in high school, college or flown the nest, and you are worried what you will do now. Am I still a parent? How do I parent at this stage?

Maybe you are getting divorced, or are recently divorced. Or considering getting remarried. It’s still not over peeps. I swear I am not leading you astray. There is so much to do, see and live for in midlife and beyond! (I almost typed to infinity and beyond. lol)

You are now in a Midlife Margarita Lifestyle! Wait Wha? Yep. Here’s how to tell:

  • You are wiser. Not necessarily feeling older but you are definitely wiser.
  • You have learned, are learning not to sweat the small stuff anymore.
  • You have the desire to retire to the beach or mountains even though that time is a little ways off yet.
  • You now have an older mom or dad bod. And that’s ok.
  • You know how to dress up a pair of yoga pants to look dressy OR casual.
  • You don’t tolerate bullshit much anymore.
  • You are no longer a people pleaser, but more of a whatevs person.

Let’s go a bit further and some of you might not completely fit in yet, but you are close:

  • You love margaritas or basically any cocktail.
  • You are into pink flamingos and pineapple decor (Not just for swingers!)
  • You don’t feel the need to be “busy” all the time.
  • Your body feels it’s age but your mind is still in its early thirties.
  • You are looking forward to being the ‘cool’ grandma. (Start picking out your cool grandma name, mines Yaya)
  • Your relationships with close friends and family are most important to you.
  • You can more easily move on from toxic relationships. (This one takes lots of work)
  • Humor is a must in your life. Drama gives you anxiety attacks so you want to steer clear of it.

Are any of these you? Great! Now I want to tell you HOW to live your best Midlife!

Purge. Yep, purge your home, clothes, junk, friends etc. of all those things that no longer hold joy for you. You can follow the KonMari Method with Marie Kondo (On Yahoo and I wrote a previous post about it) or follow my methods! Get rid of the junk and create a more soothing, laid back space for yourself. (Picture yourself singing “Let it go, Let it go” Disney style!

Make a List. Get a journal or planner and keep lists as often as possible of things you are grateful for. Go over it often. Keep reminding yourself how great you already have it. Take note of things that keep you from being grateful and work to make it better. Like your health, clothes, style etc.

Vacation! Girls weekend or Guys weekend. For the girls, get your besties together and get away. Relax. Play music, catch a buzz off a few margaritas and laugh. Laugh till you cry. This will get you through. Be there for them and they will be there for you. Take a group picture and remember how good that girls weekend was. Do it more than once though!

Hobby. Try something you’ve never done before. I don’t mean bungee jumping unless that’s your thing. Try painting or take a cooking class. Or help out in a kid’s classroom or at the old folks home. We probably need to start touring those anyway…

Get a Massage. No explaining this one.

Host a regular cocktail party. Everyone dresses up and sits around sipping cocktails and eating cheese.

I also have another idea to help you with this lifestyle. I have just recently been accepted to be an Amazon Influencer. I get to pick out products that rock and introduce them to my peeps. YES I make a few bucks doing this but honestly I turn around and buy stuff so I don’t really profit. I pick out products that I think you will love for this point in your life.

On occasion I will send out a link or post it on my Facebook page. It’s so easy, you just click the link and check it out. I’ll keep updating all the products I find and love so it will be fresh all the time!

Make sure to bookmark it for whenever you need anything from Amazon. Whether or not I have it on my list, you can still search it through my Amazon Storefront! Click on the Banner below to get to my Amazon Storefront.

amazon pic

SO that’s it. Easy huh? Just remember, LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE! Cheer’s Y’all!

18 thoughts on “The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

  1. This is your best blog ever. And you’ve had some excellent ones along the way. So much of this midlife wisdom! I have uncluttered my life from all of the bullshit. Quit corporate America and living my dream on the water in Florida—decorated in pink flamingos 💕🏖😎
    Congratulations on getting the influencer status on Amazon. Fantastic news 🍹

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  2. Found the button to your Amazon store! Really cool picks. I didn’t see any books listed. I’ll share your link to my pages, but want to be able to show friends where I am in your storefront. Thanks

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  3. It’s as if you are READING MY MIND.. at this exact moment !! Going through the “Big D”… and bring in my 40s and childless and soon to be divorced.. wondering this morning .. “should I just give up now?? What else is there ?? Have my best years past? My body is truly EXHAUSTED “ from all I’ve had to endure these past few months .. yet my mind thinks I’m still in my 20s and berating me for being so GEMF LAZY!! Ugh.. THANK YOU for this .. it really helped me.. at least dor tonight. Ironically I was trying to schedule a massage for today but could’t Find one. Also admittedly.. not a HUGE fan o margaritas😱.. I’m more spicy then sweet 😝😊

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  4. Quite a few of your points above apply to me now, especially the low tolerance for bullshit, lol! I have been working at paring down the junk in my life and am really enjoying slowing down. We spend so much of our lives being “busy” with work, family and life in general. It’s nice to say “I think that I’ll stay in this weekend” when the week has been hard.

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  5. I love this! Midlife can be a difficult time, especially when women have spent years bringing up children and suddenly find themselves with an empty nest. So many questions to answer and being afraid of the future. 🙂

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